What is the Web About?

The World-Wide Web turned 25 two days ago. That’s right, the big 2-5. Can you imagine how boring life must have been 25 years ago? Better yet, can you imagine trying to explain what the Web is to someone back then? So far my definition consists of: “Well you see, it is this thing that allows you to do so many other things, and no I do not know exactly how it works. Basically grab your computer or smart phone…oh, right, you don’t know about smart phones…” After that I think I would just place their finger on an iPad and walk away.
Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee created it in 1989 and 25 years later—two days ago—he blogged about the future of the Web. In his blog, Berners-Lee talks about how we all had a hand in the growth of the Web. It’s true. There are so many functions and features that have been created since 1989—some pointless and entertaining, others absolutely monumental. Because we have all had a hand in making the Internet, we should all get a say in its future.
What I mean here is that Berners-Lee mentioned how only 40% of the world is using the Web. What about the other 60%? Is it fair that more of the world is unable to connect the way Europe, the U.S., and Canada are able to? Our class discusses new media communication but who knew that it is the minority of the world who are the only ones able to communicate? We’ve hit a milestone with the Web, yes, but for the future Berners-Lee hopes to make it available for the full 100%.
I definitely suggest taking a look at his video blog post below. He also discusses the rights that people give themselves in terms of gaining access to other people’s personal information. Curiously enough, Berners-Lee is very against the fact of there being a power that can see and collect our personal info.

At this point, we are able to do almost anything because of Berners-Lee’s invention 25 years ago. Do you agree with his vision for the future? Is it too idealistic to say that he wants to stop people from controlling and collecting data? If the Web is for everyone, who is to stop these powers from doing so? Some food for thought.

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3 thoughts on “What is the Web About?

  1. I remember seeing things all over social media the other day about the internet turning 25. I feel that, especially from my generation, it’s difficult to think of what life was like without the internet i.e., research, free time, communication, etc.


  2. It is so crazy to think about the cultural impact of the internet given the short amount of time its been around. I mean, its older than most of us. Id like to think I could survive without the internet but I know that’s probably not true.


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