The Famous Selfie

Everyone has seen the famous selfie floating around from the Academy Awards. The picture was of Ellen DeGeneres Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. It was tweeted by Ellen DeGeneres, and was responsible for a Twitter crash after being retweeted over 3,301,800 times.


It was a fun picture with some of our favorite stars. What does that have to do with advertising? The secret is, it wasn’t as impromptu as it seemed. Ellen told the network she wanted to take selfies during the show, so they gave her a crash course on how to work the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Product placement was huge at the Acadomy Awards, but Samsung takes the cake. They were so happy with the way that Ellen incorporated the phone, that they donated a dollar to a charity of Ellens choice everytime someone retweeted the picture. That is over $3 million to charity from Samsung.

And that is for retweets of the actual picture alone. There are hundreds of spoofs and angles form this shot floating around the internet. One of my favorites are how you can see Liza trying to get in the picture, but she is too short.


Another common and funny post about the picture was talking about how Leo still hasn’t won an Oscar. The internet exploded.


According to Wallstreet Journal “the electronics giant spent around $20 million on ads to be aired during telecast breaks. The selfie, though, was not explicitly part of the $20 million ad buy; it was part of the sponsorship agreement to integrate the Galaxy Note 3 into the show, but the brand never stated exactly how the device should get airtime.”

The amount of buzz this selfie got was extraordinary and was a great use of product placement. Some people talk about the fact that Ellen used a different phone to actually Tweet the picture back stage, but it got little attention. I think that Samsung wins the Acadomy Award for product placement at the Oscars.


Inquirer “And the winner is… Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3”  <;.

Leonardo picture “I wasn’t even in the selfie” <;.

4 thoughts on “The Famous Selfie

  1. I think this may have been the most eventful thing that happened at the Academy Awards because it makes the celebrities look normal. Also, who doesn’t love when all hilarious and talented actors and actresses become friends?


  2. I loved this part of the show! using the samsung phone was a genius way to advertise the phone without being really obnoxious about it…it was subtle, and people definitely noticed it!


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