Putting Our Phones Down For a Cause

IMG_0042Smart phones have become a part of us, like a second brain or a third arm. We can’t seem to do anything without them next to us where we can check them every few minutes even though nothing is new. UNICEF (United Nation Children’s Fund) has built a campaign around the notion that we just can’t seem to set our phones down by challenging us with the UNICEF Tap Project.

The challenge is to set our phones down on a flat surface for a minimum of ten minutes without checking it. This site counts how long it has been since you last touched your phone and for every ten minutes you go they donate enough sanitary water for one child to drink for a day in a country where sanitary water or any water may be hard to get.

While we wait out the ten or more minutes we can see it count up and watch statistics on the screen of the Project and what it has done so far. It also lets you know how many people are currently using the site in your state and what the record amount of time someone went without their phone for in the state. In addition it cheers you on and makes you feel good about what you are doing and tries to aid in just leaving your phone sit.

If we think about it we use our phones like we couldn’t live without them and most of us think we NEED them. Along with that we take so many luxuries for granted including the basic necessities in life when there are kids out there who don’t even have drinking water.

One of the only negatives I find with this site is that it drains your battery. The screen does not go dark while using this site and if you change the screen or put your phone to sleep it starts over. So make sure you have your charger near if you are not willing to give up your battery life for the day.

See how it works or challenge yourself  at http://tap.unicefusa.org/


UNICEF: United States Fund. Retrieved from http://www.unicefusa.org/

11 thoughts on “Putting Our Phones Down For a Cause

  1. I agree, UNICEF is a prominent foundation and this campaign is a really good idea. Maybe they didn’t think they would need to promote the campaign and it would generate word-of-mouth by itself.


  2. I agree; I think this is a great idea to spread an equally great cause. I think it is important for people to disconnect from their phones as well so this only helps.


  3. I think this is brilliant. Perhaps they needed to do a litlte better with publicity, but . . . we all just read a blog about it, so word-of-mouth is definitely happening. I love how this is basically a double-awareness campaign, making us aware of both tech use and water shortages. Super cool.


  4. I think this is great! It really puts things in perspective. I think this could use some work in marketing to create more awareness, because I never heard of it before now.


  5. Definitely a win-win for those that need help, as well for those to understand that it is important to not being around technology all the time. I would love to give this a try.


  6. I did this the other day after a friend tweeted about it… and I was mildly embarrassed by how tough it was.


  7. I never even think about checking my phone any more, but I’ve gotten in the habit of purposely losing it just to try to get away from. Then I just find myself on my laptop. We can’t win these days.


  8. This is such a great idea! It’s a great way to make a point: so many people go without clean water every day, but we often can’t go without our phones. I definitely need to try this.


  9. Wonderful way of putting things into perspective. I remember when people would say #firstworldproblems and it is so true how easy people complain about little things. I think the main importance of this campaign is to be grateful for what we have and to help others with what we have. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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