Pi Day!

One of the finest American holidays is upon us, the and only, Pi Day.  The date March 14 marks the celebration of the number Pi, which begins 3.1415926535897932… or 3.14 if you are not able to memorize the infinite amount of numbers in Pi like normal human being.  Pi Day has become such a significant holiday that even the House of Representatives showed support for making it an official holiday in 2009.  March 14, 1879 is also Elbert Einstein’s birthday, giving even more reason to celebrate Pi Day.  I love the idea of Pi Day and I have been wondering how this holiday started and when the celebration of this date began.

The early Pi Day celebrations first started in San Francisco in the year of 1988.  A man named Larry Shaw worked at a museum called San Francisco’s Exploratorium.  Shaw would arrange gatherings every March 14th at the museum, which at first mostly consisted of just the museum staff but crowds quickly got larger and larger each passing year.  The museum event is titled “Pi procession,” and requires each attendee to receive a number anywhere between 0 to 9 and then line up in the order of the number Pi.

Another city with extravagant Pi Day celebrations is Princeton, New Jersey.  This is where Einstein spent the final 22 years of his life.  The city actually makes an entire weekend of Pi Day instead of just celebrating the actual date itself.  The festivities of Pi Day Weekend include pie-eating contests, pizza making contests, tours in the neighborhood in which Einstein resided in and even Einstein look-a-like contests.

Luckily for us, Chicago also supports the celebration of Pi Day.  There are many bakeries offering great deals on pies.  Some of these bakeries include First Slice on 4664 N Manor Ave., Hoosier Mama Pie Company on 1618 ½ W Chicago Ave., Swirlz Cupcakes on 705 W Belden Ave., and Sugar Bliss Cakes Boutique on 115 N Wabash Ave.

I’ve never really been a big celebrator or Pi Day in my adult life.  I remember in elementary school and middle school, Pi Day was such a huge deal.  All my teachers would plan class activities that somehow revolved around the number Pi and many even brought in a delicious assortment of pies for everyone to eat, which was definitely my favorite pie day activity.  Maybe I’ll pick up a slice or pie or two since so many bakeries are running great deals on pie.  Happy Pi Day everyone!


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One thought on “Pi Day!

  1. There’s nothing like a Pi Day celebration in chicago :). There are so many different neighborhoods you could celebrate in, each with its own unique amount of activities and tasty ways to make Pi Day even funner. I know a ton of bakeries in the north side do things like sales related to the “3.14” and some even give out free food! eitherway its something thats a tradition that’s definitely exciting!


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