Mark Zuckerberg personally calls Obama

Mark Zuckerberg is not happy with the US governments slow progress on surveillance reforms, and he even believes that this slow progression is making the government a “Threat” to the internet as a whole. Zuckerberg believes that by spying on American citizens the government is taking away from all the work that Facebook has  done to make the users feel secure while using the social media cite. He also believes that with the absence of government support in reforming Internet security that it is up to “All of us” to create the type of internet we want.


Zuckerberg states, “When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we’re protecting you against criminals, not our own government.” He later goes on to state that “The U.S. government should be the champion for the Internet, not a threat. They need to be much more transparent about what they’re doing, or otherwise people will believe the worst.”


In all his frustration Zuckerberg said he personally called President Obama to express his frustrations with the way the government handles internet security. 


It will be interesting to see the way that internet security pans out int he future with the growing outrage from American citizens feeling that they are being “Spied on”. I have a hard time believing that peoples this anger with the government would ever hinder consumers use of the internet, and I wonder how much “spying” the government actually does. 



Bachman, K. (2014, March 13). Zuckerberg Says U.S. Government Is a Threat to the Internet [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg personally calls Obama

  1. While I think that Zuckerburg has a point, I definitely see where the government is coming from wanting to spy on citizens – and while I most definitely don’t believe that that is the right thing to do, a utilitarian choice must be made to see if a violation of human rights (ex: internet privacy) actually benefits the security of all.


  2. Do all important people have each other’s phone numbers? Or did Zuckerberg have to be transferred to a bunch of different offices until he got to Obama? I doubt I could pick up the phone and give the President a call. Regardless, I’m with Zuckerberg and his statements about the government needing to be more transparent with what they are doing. I don’t totally disagree with all that they (might?) be doing, but I would be a lot more supportive if I knew more.


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