Man uses Twitter to attract police attention, is arrested

twitterv3Thursday a 20-year-old man was arrested for threatening to shoot someone if he got 100 RTs.

According to UK publication The Independent, “A subsequent tweet included a picture appearing to show a wounded man with the caption from McAnuff’s Twitter account (now suspended) reading ‘Man Down. Mission Completed.'” Thankfully, the police later confirmed it to be just a twisted joke, and the pictured gun an airsoft rifle.

What’s interesting about this story is that it’s not particularly unique. People make threats on social media all the time; people demand retweets and likes all the time. The reason it came to the attention of police and news media is the fusion of the two: social media savvy and negative shock value. The man, Dakkari Dijon McAnuff, achieved his goal–pure unabashed attention-whoring.  This kind of attention is propagated by our news (which gives attention to these usually-empty threats) and a hungry social media culture. Who contributed to these 100 RTs? We need to be more purposeful about how we consume and contribute to our media.


4 thoughts on “Man uses Twitter to attract police attention, is arrested

  1. Unfortunately, this is the kind of negative effect that social media can have on those who use it incorrectly. I surely hope no one retweeted his tweet because it says something equally startling about them as well. Also, is 100 RTs really worth someones life?


  2. This is clear proof that people will do ANYTHING for a little attention. The fact that someone will risk their freedom for a few retweets clearly shows the negative influences of social media.


  3. Social media is incredibly powerful and, joking or not, this kind of behavior proves how it can be misused. I think that social media is generally used as a source of good and it’s things like this draw attention to the negativity surrounding it.


  4. So many criminals have been caught via social media and so many people have been incarcerated because of threats made via social media. It is a great tool for this type of thing because so many people who commit crimes or threaten to commit them will brag about them online…and then get caught.


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