Learning to Love Social Media


The other day, I almost had a heart attack when I lost my school I.D. and Ventra card. I retraced my steps for nearly 3 whole hours until I gave up the search. Just when I accepted the fact that I’d have to cough up $100 to replace the cards, I got a message from a lady on my LinkedIn account. She found my IDs on the street! As I made my commute to recover my missing items, all I could think was, “ THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!”

As a person who didn’t sign up for a Facebook account until college, I can’t say I was always fond of using social media platforms to communicate. From cyber bullying to “twerk” videos, I always viewed social media as a waste of cyber space and a threat to our generation’s IQ scores. Also, the amount of social network sites that existed overwhelmed me.

However, being a Communication major, I was forced to enter the world of social media and join in on all the action. At first, I’d only check my accounts every other month but as time went on, my communication classes required me to be more active on my online accounts. When I first started to check my accounts more frequently, I constantly went on deleting sprees since I had a high distaste for nonsense people would frequently post. Like seriously, people? What is the deal with cats and bacon?

As time went on, social media began to grow on me. I noticed how my networks kept me more connected and provided more opportunities than ever before. Whether to find out about where to go for the night or getting the “hook up” for a job I wanted, I learned that social media sites can be very resourceful when used efficiently. Though I sometimes miss the days where people simply called each other on the phone to stay in touch, I am grateful I got to experience the age of social media.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Love Social Media

  1. The amount of social media sites is absolutely crazy. And while I’ve always been a regular user of facebook and twitter, I was kind of slow on the uptake with the rest. I just recently got an instagram (and I’m not very good at it), and I still have no idea what is the point of tumblr. Being young adults in the digital age, it’s next to impossible to not be involved with the internet in some way or the other. We’re being fed constant content, and we just have to learn how to control it.


  2. Yeah when I think about how many social media site there are, I can’t believe it. There is social site for just about every kind of human interest. I have an entire folder full of my own social media pages and that by itself is tough to manage. I agree with you, sometimes even though I find my social media pages very useful, I still miss the days when I would be more likely to call my friends rather than text. There are pros and cons to both, luckily we can choose which way we want to communicate now.


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