Hot Mom Defends Herslef

Hot Mom Defends Herslef

Obesity is a hot topic in American news. Whether it is shocking facts of the dangerous obesity epidemic or yet another diet fad, media is riddled with people talking about weight and fitness. With the discussions of how to better one’s health, internet users have created concepts such as ‘fat shaming’ and ‘skinny shaming.’ Very fit people have tried to spur overweight people into action through fat shaming, and others have responded by skinny shaming those who they deem to be unhealthily thin. The back-and-forth has spiked arguments throughout the virtual world, some getting more attention than others.

Maria Kang has three boys all under the age of five. Anybody who has spent time with young children knows that they are time consuming. It is often difficult for new parents to take care of themselves because they have little time to do anything other than take care of their kids. Maria Kang has defied this stereotype.

Kang posted a picture of herself online with the caption “What’s your excuse?” It is clear from the photo that she is in very good shape, especially when considering her status as a mother. The picture shows her in little clothing to show off her high level of fitness. As anything online, this photo is not private, and many people have seen it. Kang’s picture has over 16,000 comments and more than 12,000 shares, which puts the picture at a viral level.

Because of the large audience, one would expect a variance in opinions about the photo. The controversy between positive and negative reactions was the driving force behind the popularity of this Kang’s picture. Some felt very offended by the implied criticism of the caption “What’s your excuse?” The backlash was comments that accused Kang of having a narrow mind of what people should looks like. Commenters said that she had no right to shame other for not being as fit as she was, and that her posting of the picture was unacceptable and rude. Others jumped to Kang’s defense; many said that she was just trying to inspire people towards a healthier life. Kang’s supporters claim that her post motivated them to get in shape and make better decisions for their health.

Kang came out with an apology that reads more like a follow up. She says that it was the viewers’ choice to be offended by the picture and that she “didn’t create” the offensive ideals, but that those who criticized her did. Is it fair to criticize a woman trying to inspire healthier choices? Or was it offensive of Kang to call out anyone who doesn’t look like her?

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5 thoughts on “Hot Mom Defends Herslef

  1. I have no problem with this and I think it’s a little ridiculous that people are calling her out for doing something good. I think people who are against this feel threatened because of her drastic changes and they think it isn’t healthy. Many people blog their weight loss plans and I think it’s good because it allows others to see and encourage yourself and others to do the same. I think it’s absurd she had to apologize and she should be proud of what she’s accomplished.


  2. I think “what’s your excuse” was a bad choice of words for a caption. They’re confrontational and judgmental, and it really only serves the purpose of spurning overweight mothers and making the already fit ones feel better about themselves. Sure, she’s accomplished a feat, but she should have some humility about it.


  3. I love this mom’s message! This is a healthy type of motivation for our ever-growing (individually and as a whole) American society. Although, I do not see what type of advertisement this is? Perhaps if she was using a certain gym or a product to aid in her weight loss journey it might be more relevant? There is no reason for apologies, though- she is just trying to be a healthy individual and if she can motivate a few people along the way, where is the harm in that? Good read.


  4. The people who are offended by this message are most likely the people who need to hear it most. I think it’s great that this mom can be healthy and fit, even with three children.


  5. It’s funny to me how companies try to get Americans to cut down on unhealthy food and try to stop obesity. There is always such mixed reactions because it is a topic that really hits home for many Americans.


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