Heard it Through the Grapevine

There is a new American superstar emerging, and they aren’t chosen by the people on American Idol. As many burgeoning personalities have found recent success with media like Youtube and Twitter, a new kind of star is finding a niche in the social media app Vine.

Many of these are comedians-in my experience, largely goofy young men with lots of time on their hands-are able to exploit the brevity and immediacy of the 6-second video loops to attract a devoted audience on the relatively new social media platform.

The success of these comedians has attracted advertisers who seek to explore a new frontier on the app. This is led to the creation of companies like Niche, a company founded by CEO Robert Fishman to connect brands with social media apps. He makes a valid point, though: “Traditional media and marketing simply does not translate on Vine…this is a new medium, with new players.”

This is something I feel that many marketers, who are far removed from the generations that use apps like Vine, need to fully grasp. It is not just how they market their products on these apps, but who they market to. While older platforms like Facebook and Twitter attract audiences that are broader and more universal, Vine holds a much more specific niche. To successfully market a product with that medium, a company must understand this niche. In my opinion, marketing a product like gum or an energy drink would meet with great success with Vine’s large audience of pre-teens that idolize these comedians. However, many companies would not be able to take advantage of this successfully. Similarly, Pinterest could be used to market to women, but not to the Vine demographic.

I think it is important for companies to learn about and take advantage of these new media to be successful. But these companies need to be careful about what they are investing in to ensure that it is truly beneficial to them.

Kantrowitz, A. (March 14, 2014). Vine comedians emerge as latest hot property for brands. AdAge. Retrieved (March 14, 2014) from http://adage.com/article/digital/vine-comedians-emerge-latest-hot-property-brands/292096/.

One thought on “Heard it Through the Grapevine

  1. I love vine so much! I have not yet mastered the creative aspect of it, however I watch the ones on my feed daily! I think their niche set of users is what makes this app unique, and if they market too large to a broad audience it might dilute the content. I vote they keep everything as- is! 🙂


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