Gillette Gets Creative to Get Men to Shave

Let’s face it: beards are in. What once only men like hipsters, lumberjacks, and wise men donned, is now a mainstream trend. Beards can be seen everywhere, personally, when I notice more and more bearded men around me I just attributed it to college lifestyle. But apparently, this is a nationwide trend to the point that sales of razors have plummeted.

According to the New York Post, several things have contributed to the beard trend and the lack of razor sales. First off, is the Movember movement (or as I know it, No Shave November), which raises awareness for prostate cancer. This month long movement caused a huge financial drop in Procter and Gamble’s fourth quarter. Similarly, movements like Decembeard further encourage men to don beards. However, the economy on the whole has contributed, causing more men to buy cheaper brands and simply stop needing to shave due to unemployment. Ads for middle-class retailers like Target and JCPenney only fueled the flame of the trend by including bearded men.

So what’s a company with a large razor division to do? Procter and Gamble, the company that owns Gillette, decided to get creative and encourage men to shave other parts of their body. They released the video posted below and continue to promote it. The video features Kate Upton, a prominent model who posed for Sports Illustrated and more, saying that she would not date a guy who did not shave down there. The video, unfortunately for Procter and Gamble, currently only has about 250,000 views, which would not be consider “viral” by any means. They also made a second, longer, video with two other models, which has fewer views.

In theory, I think that this is a great idea: if people aren’t using your product, then convince them to use it in a different way. I’ll be interested to see how Procter and Gamble continue to increase razor sales in the future. What do you think?



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3 thoughts on “Gillette Gets Creative to Get Men to Shave

  1. As someone with some hair on my face (I guess you can call it a beard) I find that I still use my razor pretty regularly. I do only use it to shape up and trim my beard, so this does not dull the razor as quick leading me to purchase a new razor less frequently. These ads may not be going viral because men know that these models are not real everyday women but paid spokespeople. Maybe if Gillette used testimonials from everyday women it would be more effective.


  2. This is awesome – it’s a great advertising move. They don’t need to expend resources trying to target another audience; rather, targeting the same audience but changing the product purpose.


  3. I never thought about this, the effects of a beard movement on razor companies. They are going to have to keep finding new uses for their products if the beards keep getting longer and longer.


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