Get Ready for Autoplay Ads on Your News Feed

In this modern age just about every one of our millennial peers has a Facebook.  Sure there are a few who have refused to connect to the social media giant due to privacy issues but most of us are connected.  Facebook does not just reach our generation solely but spans just about every age group; I mean I am personally Facebook friends with people’s grandmas.  With such a ranging audience it was not a surprise when advertisers put Facebook in their crosshairs and turned it into one of the biggest ad spaces on the web.  First you would just see banner ads on the side of your feed, then Facebook began incorporating ads into your personal feed, but now they are stepping it up once more and adding autoplay video to your news feed.

Autoplay video ads are not a new thing to the Internet; you have probably come across them before.  You are scrolling down a page and then all of a sudden what seemed like just another benign ad for something you do not care about turns out to be a video and begins playing automatically just because its on your screen.  Yeah, those will now be littering your Facebook news feed on a daily basis.  You probably thought it was annoying and intrusive when Facebook started integrating ads catered to you through your Google searches into your feed, and now they will be using that same information to create these autoplay video ads.  The autoplay ads go by the name Premier Video Ads and will be plastered all over our feeds by late April this year.

Facebook is keeping quiet on what brands will be utilizing their new tool when it launches, but they claim that there will be a wide range of brands featured.  Facebook will be evaluating the ads before they are allowed to launch to make sure that they are high-quality ad campaigns.  Facebook does not want to litter our feeds with low budget videos that will not represent Facebook in a positive way.  The ads will be rolled out slowly so that Facebook can gauge their effectiveness, so do not worry about getting bombarded by these ads right away.  For advertisers this is a huge step in the right direction for Internet marketing, but for the average Facebook user this will most likely just be another nuisance that we will scroll past to get to the important stuff on Facebook, like Buzzfeed posts.


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