Fashion Says To Hell With Ageism


Jessica Lange, age 64, has recently became the face for Marc Jacobs beauty. Fashion is made to break all of the rules-especially through their advertising. Along with curvy models, which was not long ago an idea that was scoffed at, we now are seeing older models being used.

It isn’t smart to shun any demographic with advertising, be it age, race, gender, religion, weight, hair color, etc. Fashion and beauty advertisers are smart to embrace age and glorify it at any generation. The “we are all in this together” approach is much more receptive then excluding others out. I think Marc Jacobs will literally have increased sales because of the advertisements because his message is being heard by an audience that will support what he is selling. The people with the money are older to begin with, so it’s best to not get on their “bad side”.

Although the images have been retouched, the message is clear that just because you’re over 50, doesn’t mean you aren’t wanted and admired. Women should feel empowered throughout their whole life and I am so glad that fashion is picking up on this.

American Apparel also featured Jacky O’Shaughnessy, age 62, in their campaign. Life is supposed to be fun and American Apparel shows that in their ads and acceptance of all audiences.

Whether you are advertising food or clothing or cars, it’s smart to be broad in your message. Seeing an 80 year old woman walking down the catwalk, feeling empowered and always at her prime, would be refreshing and exciting. You should always have something to look forward to!


One thought on “Fashion Says To Hell With Ageism

  1. I’ve always been interested in the way that women are portrayed in the media. It is great to see that there has been change to a certain extent where different types of women are being used for ad campaigns such as those in Dove. Ageism has always been an issue, so it is refreshing to see that media has responded to the public’s response on the fact that they have been known to use young women in advertising, particularly in the fashion and beauty industry.


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