Facebook To Release New Video Ad

See Video Here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101280165

Facebook announced on Thursday, March 13th that they plan to release new 15-second video advertisements onto user’s news feeds. These ads mimic how television ads are marketing, similar to the time of a normal television commercial. They are structured to not disrupt the user and will not appear “more than three times a day” (Bloomberg). This article also claims “The company is going after the lucrative television-ad market, with marketers planning to spend almost 60 percent more on TV than on digital media this year, according to Zenith Optimedia, a research unit of Publicis Groupe SA. (PUBGY)”(Bloomberg).

I believe this is an interesting tactic for Facebook. Previously, it seemed the min advertising strategy Facebook used was displaying small advertisements on the ride column as well as various sponsored advertisements on news feeds. I never thought this was a particularly effective way of advertising, especially considering that Facebook is a free social media site. Therefore, they rely on ad revenue in order to improve their site for users. I believe that introducing these new video ads will increase the effect of advertisements on users. I think that the video ads, if interesting and applicable, can be a good way to entice users to brands. And because they are not shown more than three times a day, they will not be disruptive or annoying to users.

Personally, visual advertisements are more effective on me.  I am someone who reacts to television commercial and am persuaded to purchase items based on seeing them on television either through a commercial or even a show. Take Super Bowl commercials, for instance. The Super Bowl relies nearly solely on advertisements, and many people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials alone. Therefore, one can ascertain how much people truly respond to visual advertisements.

Since Facebook is mimicking this television approach, I believe it could have a similar effect on me as a user. Facebook is especially effective in tailoring its advertisements to the various interests of the user. Therefore, I believe that if they mimic that approach in terms of their new video ads, then they will interest the user and push the to watch the 15-second spots. Facebook introducing this new marketing will help them appeal to a larger viewership while improving their advertising revenue.




Frier, Sarah and Lee, Edmund. 13 Mar 2014. Bloomberg.  “Facebook Unveils New Video Ads to Court TV’s Market” (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-13/facebook-unveils-video-ads-to-court-tv-s-market.html)

Video Retrieved From: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57620302-93/facebook-tv-video-ads-now-interrupting-your-news-feed/

One thought on “Facebook To Release New Video Ad

  1. I think that this change was coming for a long time now. Especially as ads develop to more and more interactive with the viewer, Facebook is an opportunity for ads to reach their specific demographic.


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