Facebook and Instagram – No More Gun Ads

Facebook and Instagram are making an effort to crack down on the regulation of gun sales.  Posts on Instagram or Facebook advertising the sale or purchase of a gun without a background check will be deleted. Both of the social media sites will block users under the age of 18 from viewing gun sales by individuals or groups.

Facebook defended the move by saying they refuse to permit the evasion of laws or provide assistance for evasion of laws. A simple move like this one could serve as a sort of advertisement promoting stricter gun control laws. Any move a major company, like Facebook, makes portrays a kind of bias and demonstrates a basic kind of advertising.

Facebook and Instagram’s action is the right thing to do because they, as a company, have a duty to live up to the law just as individuals do. It will be interesting to see how this effects the black market and gun sales in general. Facebook and Instagram’s progressive action was speculated to be in response to the recent amount of large-scale shootings. Their action could put emphasis on gun control awareness and has potential to discourage minors from the use of firearms.

Popular and powerful brands have enormous amounts of potential to influence culture. Every move they make has some sort of effect on the population of users. In this case, advertisements that they choose to show will promote thinking towards the object of the ad and advertisements they do not show has potential to demote a consumers thinking about the product that is not advertised.





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One thought on “Facebook and Instagram – No More Gun Ads

  1. I think this is a smart move by Facebook because this is such a hot issue right now. Many people, at least most that I have talked to about the issue, in my generation are in favor of stricter gun control, so they are targeting the right demographic.


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