Ellen at the Oscars!

Ellen DeGeneres is a powerful figure in our society today. She has worked her way up through laughter, taking stances, and being downright loveable. Ellen’s hosting of the Oscars was one that I, as well as many many others, looked forward to. I even kept up with her countdown on Instagram!

Ellen brought charisma and energy to the Oscar stage.  Her opening monologue had the whole crowd laughing.

When I looked into this, one of the few critiques I could find was at this point in time. There were some viewers who were upset when Ellen called Liza Minnelli a “sir”. She was throwing fun hits at a number of people and seems to really be a fan of Liza… She later draws attention to her again and takes a “selfie” with her as they joke back and forth.  She continued to lighten moods after serious performances, such as Pink’s performance of “Over the Rainbow” after which Ellen came on stage in a Glinda the Good Witch costume.

Her job, as she pointed out seven years ago at the 2007 Oscars, is ” to relax you. To put your mind at ease and make you forget that this is a make or break night for you” (Degeneres 2007, video).

Ellen did this very well the entire time. The ambiance of sadness and seriousness had its proper moment in the sun, but Ellen never let those feelings fester for too long. She would pop out with a joke or punch-line that would soon have everyone happy again. According to Rolling Stone, Ellen’s Oscar hosting “garnered a six percent increase in viewers over MacFarlane’s” (Grow, 2014, p.1). It was the “best Oscars Ratings in a Decade” (Grow, 2014, p.1). Well done Ellen!



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6 thoughts on “Ellen at the Oscars!

  1. I think Ellen should host the Oscars every year from now on! The only reason I watched the Oscars to begin with because of her. It’s refreshing to see a woman who is admired by so many people, who isn’t your stereotypical celeb.


  2. I agree, Ellen is a really great host because of her charisma and her humor. I like how she doesn’t rely as much on being mean to be funny. She, and the producers, certainly did a good job of using social media.


  3. Ellen was by far the best Oscar host!! She is a genius when is comes to incorporating social media, and getting the viewers involved, that selfie was perfect!


  4. Ellen was a phenomenal host! She had such a presence and you could tell the all the nominees and presenters in the crowd were very relaxed, which I think is extremely difficult for a host to accomplish.


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