Duracell: The Power of Connection

Duracell’s creative “Moments of Warmth” campaign not only shows the power of their Quantum battery, but the power of connection as well. They set up a bus shelter in Montreal with a much-needed heater. The catch? Getting the heater to turn on requires a human connection. One hand must be placed on each side of the shelter and commuters have to hold hands to connect the two sides of the shelter so that the heat is able to come on.

When we think of commuting to work or class in the morning, the last thing most of us want to do is interact with people, especially before our morning coffee. It’s hard to imagine having to hold another traveller’s hand to get the L stop heating stations to turn on; some of us might just opt to ride out the cold. This Duracell campaign encourages people to connect where interaction between strangers is rather uncommon. In the cold Canadian winter however, Duracell made it necessary.

This campaign forces us to reflect on the power and necessity of human connection, it shows us that sometimes we really do need each other, and the person we need might just be another stranger on their commute. It also forces people to interact, a practice that is often lost between strangers in this technological era governed by smartphones.

Duracell is quite clever in their campaign as the use of human touch to create power parallels the connections made by their batteries. While the science is different, the campaign makes us thinks about the power of human connection, and the Duracell product as well.

I’ve always been a fan of guerilla marketing campaigns; I find them to be a clever and inspiring way to attract consumer attention in a way that doesn’t make them feel that they’re being bothered by an advertisement. Rather, they often gain a sense of appreciation for the creativity of the campaign, and they most certainly take notice.

Guerilla marketing also adds the element of press to advertising. Creative campaigns are often reported upon by news media, or shared on social media websites, garnering more consumer attention than a traditional advertisement would.

I think this is a great example of creative advertising through the connection of the product to the connection of people that not only earns the product attention, but provides the feel-good element of people helping each other as well, representing the values of the company, also shown through the company’s pledge to donate $1 for each share of the video from their Facebook page to Habitat for Humanity Canada.

One thought on “Duracell: The Power of Connection

  1. This is such a cute idea! I have to say, the last thing I want to do on my commute is talk to anyone, much less hold their hand, but this is a really nice way to get people to interact and look away from their smartphones. In this polar vortex, people will do anything for warmth — even hold a stranger’s hand.


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