Constant Advertisement for Social Media




    With being a fulltime student and working part-time it’s easy to quickly fall behind on your favorite television shows. Thanks to the wonderful invention of On Demand, when I do find myself with free time I love taking full advantage of catching up on all my shows. This week I couldn’t help but notice while catching up on The Following and New Girl, that multiple times during the commercials they would make announcements like, “Hey New Girl fans don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for your chance to be this week’s biggest fan award!” The prize isn’t much but to have your Facebook picture or twitter account showcased on the episode, not much but still very cool.

    The whole point is to encourage audience engagement with the show and to gain more of a following. Not only do these announcements advertisement the shows but an advertisement for social media. In today’s world it seems unheard of people who don’t have social media accounts but there are a lot of people who don’t. These “shout outs,” are also pushing audiences to join the bandwagon if they haven’t already. I have seen some recent advertisement for Facebook but other than that I feel that social media doesn’t need to pay money to advertise. Every company, TV shows, movie, celebrity has their own social media accounts. They use the social media to gain followers and excitement for their specific brand but in the process of that entire social media is constantly being the main brand that makes that all happen. Whether the people realize it or not, social media is getting the advertisement as well as whatever the social media is helping to promote.

    I think this concept is genius. Social media is constantly gaining more and more attention. It builds up businesses’ and promotion all while still making sure their brand is getting the same amount if not more attention. It may seem discrete because the social media is usually talking about what they are promoting but their Facebook and Twitter icons are still what are on your screen and making the promotion and engagement possible. Everyone should be grateful of what social media makes happen, businesses’, celebrities, and consumers.

One thought on “Constant Advertisement for Social Media

  1. Social media is cheap, convenient and easy advertising. I would expect nothing less than most sitcoms to utilize it in order to raise ratings, audience loyalty, etc. Also, it’s very common for people to live tweet their shows, so it’s really no wonder that writers/producers have picked up on this and are trying to use it to their benefit.


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