Charity Marketing in Minneapolis

StoneArch Creative agency is ditching their health care expertise to help small non-profit organizations around the Minneapolis area. This new pro-bono project called “RedEye Brand” gives chosen organizations a marketing makeover.

Employees and other agencies partnering with StoneArch, spend 24 hours analyzing the non-profits needs then strategizing and implementing a marketing plan. Non-profits that get the RedEye Brand treatment receive redesigned websites, logos, letterheads and business cards. Transformations also include the development of new advertisements and related information material such as brochures and video clips.

StoneArch incorporates all-nighters, hackathons, sleepovers, and team-building exercises to rejuvenate the culture of the non-profits as well. The first charity to receive this makeover was The Bridge For Youth.

Chosen by the public through voting polls, The Bridge For Youth won against two other local foundations. This non-profit helps teens in crisis in the metropolitan area by providing them with resources and care to build independent living skills (Jacobson, 2013)

The 24-hour rebrand project took place on January 17th, 2013 from 8a.m. to 8a.m. on January 18th.  They received a new website, with a minimalistic and structured feel that slight resembles the layout of the new Windows 8. It generates the feel of openness and easy access, which reflects their open arms to struggling teens.Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.56.50 AM

Last month, the Wiggle Your Toes Foundation was voted the winner for 2014. This foundation helps amputees regain mobility and independence as well as assisting their families with emotional and financial support (Elliot, 2014)

The new campaign produced a redesigned website, production of a series of video clips on YouTube and the organization’s website, and brochures that urge amputees to “Take the next step.” (Elliot, 2014.) StoneArch also created a group of poster ads with inspirational messages like “Own the new normal.” These efforts clearly communicated the foundation’s mission to empower amputees.10adnews1-pic2-articleLarge-v2

“There are so many under-recognized charities doing great work in our community,” said Jessica Boden, President of StoneArch Creative. “If we can do our part to help some of these organizations increase their presence within the community as well as the donations they receive, we will have succeeded.” (Elliot,2014)

Jacobson, Andy. (2013, January 16) “StoneArch Congratulates The Bridge For Youth, Winner of its 2013 ‘RedEye Rebrand’” Business Wire. Retrieved from:“RedEye#.UyMzLZFbTwI

Elliot, Stuart (2014, March 10) “24-Hour Rebrand Helps Twin Cities Nonprofits,” New York Times. Retrieved from:


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