“Blend it to stand out campaign” by Dermablend

Rico Genest, also known as Rico the Zombie, is a well known fashion model/DJ/artist. He appeared in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” music video. And sooner or later, he became a hot topic that everyone was talking about. Because of his unique skeletal tattoo all over his body, many fashion companies had started to notice Rico the Zombie, and invited him to walk for their specific fashion show. He becomes a fashion icon, many youtube artists started to make their own Rico the Zombie’s make up tutorial.

Two years ago, Dermablend Pro Cosmetic had a collaboration with Rico Genest. The campaign was called “Go Beyond the Cover”, as Dermablend Pro demonstrates their well known full coverage concealer and foundation on Rico Genest. It covered every pieces of his tattoo. And Rico Genest was asked to remove the make up in front of the camera. The production team recorded every process of this campaign. The video clip/commercial was posted on Youtube, and it went viral within a week. Sooner or later, Dermablend Pro had increased their sales number.

Two years later, on March 2014, Dermablend came out with their new campaign, called, “Camo Confession” campaign. Where they invited Rico Genest, along with two youtube stars, Cheri Lindsay and Cassandra Bankson, to share their story and show how they used Dermablend to stand out for themselves, but not their flaws. Three of them have different flaws. Rico Genest, as we already know, he has skeletal tattoo all over his body. Cheri Lindsay, shared her vitiligo story through the camera. And lastly, Cassandra Bankson, another Youtube make up artist, shared her acne story and how she used the Dermablend to stand out for who she is.

These individual video has their own story about their skin condition, and they talked about their flaws, and how they overcome their individuals issues. They were all covered up by Dermablend’s foundation and concealer, and in the end of the video, they removed their make up and showed their true skin condition. I was touched by Cassandra’s story, as i find her story is very similar to my personal experiences.

The “Camo Confession” campaign encourage the publics to share their personal flaws, and shared their flaws through video, photo or message by uploading it on their Facebook page. Within 24 hours, the production team will post their messages on the social media. They came out with their unique hashtags like #camoconfessions #blendittostandout #dermablendpro to encourage the publics to spread the awareness of their campaign.

And also for every confession submitted, Dermablend will donate $1 to Look Good Feel Better®, an organisation dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of woman suffering appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment through beauty sessions.

The campaign got really good feedbacks, and i find their official promotion videos are rather touching and impactful. I thought this campaign can also related to what we learned in class recently. The topic of Storytelling marketing/advertising that Prof.S talked in class.

Tell me what’s your opinion on this campaign? Does it encourage you to share your personal flaws on cam/social media?


Dermablend youtube channel. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/user/DermablendPro

2 thoughts on ““Blend it to stand out campaign” by Dermablend

  1. This is awesome. I had seen the first video with Rico, but I didn’t realize they had started a campaign with other people too. I think this product can give a lot of people who have skin problems or embarrassing tattoos hope to have normal lives. You would never know any of them had any kind of problems, which shows how great the product and the advertisements are.


  2. I think this is really awesome. For someone who loves makeup I always love to watch a person transform and gain confidence going from start to finish as i do their makeup. Sometimes I think people get so wrapped up in looking perfect and always having perfect skin, and the perfect clothes, etc., that sometimes I think we all forget to just be in love with who we are flaws and all.


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