All the Single Ladies Need Love Too

A while back I read an interesting article on Newsweek about a so called “untapped market” in advertising. To my surprise this market was single women. The article called out advertisers for failing to target a growing and neglected sector of society, that of unmarried, successful and young women. I found this very interesting; I think too often women in advertising are lumped into a singular group. When a certain advertisement is tailored to women, they go for the same algorithm almost every time. Women are caretakers and Moms. Yet as the article mentions there is a huge group of women that are neither. So the question then becomes what companies, what tactics would be most successful when these women become the target audience?

To begin with, since the article explains that most of these women are pretty successful we can assume they have a good amount of disposable income. This broadens the horizon for companies and products that are accessible to this group. Higher end designer brands like Marc Jacobs and the like become major contenders for the attention of young, single women. On top of this, the group has become more and more involved in technology as well. Companies like Apple should take notice.

In terms of what medium would be best to reach this group I would say social media platforms present the best chance for exposure. This group is incredibly social and likely spends a lot of time on all types of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If companies were to host several large scale social media campaigns targeting these women I think they would find great success.

The messages that should be conveyed are also unexplored. Instead of thinking of women as those supporting their families, advertisers need to tweak their messages to women supporting themselves. Self-fulfillment and indulgence seem like a good path to take. Without a family to cater to and with the resources to spend money and time on themselves advertisements should aim at portraying their product as beneficial to the woman. The right type of message to convey would be something to support her lifestyle as an independent or something that acts as fodder and support for her happiness.
I am extremely interested to see where companies and advertisers go with the realization of how powerful this market is. I think it’s a bit revolutionary and exciting to see people taking notice that women have many roles they can fill not just Mother or wife. 

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