Will Ferrell Kind of Cares About Colorado

Thank you, William Ferrell. I am now aware of the dangerously low water levels in the Colorado River. I kind of care too.


 These types of advertisements take on the noble task of raising awareness over an invisible problem. However, there is one small hitch in their plan. Yes, I am now a little bit more informed about the dangers facing the Colorado River. The collections of videos did a nice job of communicating the problem, but they were more distracting than helpful. I should be going on to their website (I have already forgotten what it was called) to learn more, butI am not and probably will not. Instead, I am wondering how in the world Kelly Slater can be so a short yet have 11 World Surfing titles. I also noticed Will Ferrell has gained a little weight. I want to see more of them, not Colorado.

Maybe these insane observations stem from my own interests. Yet, it still proves a great flaw in this advertisement. Robert Redford is trying to raise awareness about a cause he is passionate about. He is overshadowed by Will, as he should be. Will Ferrell needed to be used more careful consideration. His sarcasm about widening the ocean , although hilarious, overshadowed the real problem.

Robert Redford’s calm demeanor is not memorable. There was no escalation on his part. His outfit did not change. He remained in the same seated position. He even used the same tone of voice. Will, on the other hand, keeps the audience entertained. There are probably people out in the world on the internet who are trying to search Will’s cause on Google. 

When trying to reach a younger audience, be careful with how much humor you incorporate. It is true  that modern advertisements must be more comedically appealing. The public wants to laugh at the obscure, not watch another Sarah McLachlan commercial. Too much can completely ruin the purpose of an ad. Just like toothpaste, comedy must be used sparingly.

2 thoughts on “Will Ferrell Kind of Cares About Colorado

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  2. This ad missed the mark a bit by overusing humor but as far as PSAs go I would say it was fairly successful. I didn’t even know the river delta existed so finding out it was in danger of drying up was news. Plus in my opinion anything with Will Ferrell is worth watching


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