Target Opps

Body image is a topic that is very relevant in todays society. Girls look at models in magazines, pictures, videos, etc… and compare themselves to them thinking that they are a realistic view of what “beauty” is. Recently, Target released their swimsuit models with Photoshop gone wrong. This topic has been heard all over the internet and within my circle of friends. In the image, a girl in a bikini is posing and their is a very obvious gap between her legs showing where the photoshop was done. Also, on the back between her arms you can also see how they tried to photoshop her in order for her to look skinnier.

When editors heard about this, they immediately took the picture off the internet. Target did not know about this image until a women’s bloger Jezbel, saw it and make people aware of it in her blog after she published the image. Although everyone knows that the majority of companies use Photoshop to enhance the visual image of their pictures for them to be more appealing to the eye of the audience, we can all agree than when they advertise their product, they want it to look its best so more people want to buy it.


After removing the image, Target issued a statement in which they apologized by saying, ““In response to your query about the swimsuit image on, this was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our Web site” (Feldman, 2014). It seems as if they wanted the incident to go away and did not give it much attention. Even though they tried to put the issue aside, it makes me wonder what the model actually looked like and how she feels about this. I would be extremely embarrassed if that had happened to me and I was being exposed all over the internet because of Targets mistake. It will be interesting to see Target’s comeback and if this will affect their sales.





6 thoughts on “Target Opps

  1. Target will probably not have much affect in sales, this happens all the time, they just got caught and did a sloppy job. That doesn’t make it right though, the girl is beautiful the way she is.


  2. You would think a big corporation like Target would have multiple people look over images before they are published and somebody would have corrected this mistake. It’s sad how companies feel the need to use photoshop to make girls look skinnier which makes them more “beautiful.” It’s wrong! But I agree it probably won’t affect their sales at all.


  3. It seems so obvious that this was a poor photoshop job. Especially since obviously everything is photoshopped anymore you’d think they’d know what they were doing by now. It’s embarrassing but again I don’t think Target will suffer in the long run.


  4. I agree with the previous comments, I don’t think Target will suffer any sort of significant sales loss. However, I do think it was rather careless on their part to let this image go to their website, most of us are aware that photoshop is commonly used but its another thing entirely for an image this clearly photoshopped to make it to the final website. I think Target likely learned it’s lesson and will be more careful in the future.


  5. I saw a fitness blogger post this and they took it down shortly after she had posted about it. I think she had something to do with them taking it down, her youtube channel is blogilates and she teaches online pilates. It goes to show the influence certain people have. Also the photoshop job on this is terrible- I don’t know how they missed that!


  6. As body image has become a hot topic in the media Photoshop mistakes have become more and more newsworthy, but unfortunately I don’t think that these mistakes have much of an affect on consumer behavior. I feel like it’s more just a public shaming for brands like Target.


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