Secret Behind ‘First Kiss’ Film

20 strangers. 20 first kisses. Over 40 million views online as of today. Have you all seen the beautiful, breathtaking film ‘First Kiss?’ If you haven’t I would highly encourage you to watch it now. The film features 20 complete strangers kissing for the first time.

As I watched this video for the first time, boy was I speechless. There isn’t much that went into the film, but the creativity behind it and the beauty of the kiss was unbelievable. I had chills for a good 20 minutes and watched it several times. You could feel the nervousness of the individuals; I felt as though I could put myself in each person’s shoes and understand exactly how terrifying that must be.

Sad to say, the film runs into criticism. It is supposedly a fashion film. I noticed that the people selected were good-looking individuals, but it did not cross my mind that it was for a seasonal launch for a clothing line. It was made by the work of label Wren and director Tatia Pilieva. Now, that explains why everyone featured in this film is hip, cool and good-looking.

Wren founder Melissa Coker explained, “I don’t want to see any close-ups on shoes or skirts, or boring things like that.” And that right there is the reason why I missed the entire “fashion” part of the video. All of my focus was on the awkward greetings and the empowering kisses.

The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage made the most criticism suggesting the film be remade “with grotty, normal people.” They added,

“I want to see another version of the First Kisses. One that’s more realistic. One that stars people like you and me; lumpy, nervous, inept people who couldn’t kiss a stranger properly without it looking like a slit bag of eels being electrocuted in a puddle. Drunk people. People who accidentally burp mid-kiss. People who, rather than hugging and beaming after their kiss, immediately die on the spot of guilt and shame.”

With that being said, what do you guys think about this? Did you think that The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage is right in saying that they should re-make this film?

To me, sure. Why not? It will show the imperfections of people and the gorgeousness of embracing awkward moments. That type of video would be funny.

On the contrary, I cannot be swayed into seeing criticisms in this video just because of the way it made me and millions of others feel. The director and designer were genius in their simple, yet romantic approach.

It’s your turn. Thoughts?



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6 thoughts on “Secret Behind ‘First Kiss’ Film

  1. I’ve watched this video a few days ago and I felt the same way: I thought it was very innocently beautiful and creative. As dorky as it sounds, It reminds you (or at least myself) of that giddy, lustful feeling you get when you first meet and first kiss someone you like. love it.


  2. I thought this was an interesting idea, but mostly, I thought it was gross. I would definitely not want to kiss someone I didn’t know. I was always told not to talk to strangers…kissing them is probably worse than taking to them.


  3. I love how real this video is, in that you can see their nervousness. Also, why are people so angry about it? It’s for a fashion brand so they picked people that express the look that their brand is going for and the looks that would appear to their target. They should, by all means, make another video with a more diverse crowd but the original video is still made with “real” people with “real emotions”.


  4. Even though this video might have been an advertisement for some clothing line, that doesn’t really matter. Tons of people probably smiled and felt the same nervousness that the people in the video did, myself included. It doesn’t really matter why the video was made or if the people in it are actors because it made so many people happy. Regardless if you’re an actor or actress kissing anyone for the first time makes you giddy and nervous in a good way. Besides, they marketed this ad very well considering its up in the millions in views.


  5. I thought this was such a cute and creative idea and was surprised when I heard it was a clothing line! Seeing how real it was really was touching and so adorable. You could tell it was real based on the nervousness of the people in the video and that’s definitely the way people feel when they have that first kiss. Plus, it received millions of views in a short amount of time, I would say that’s a hit!


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