Happy Birthday Internet

Happy Birthday Internet! That’s right, the World Wide Web turned 25 this week and while a cake and balloons are always festive, I felt it more appropriate to celebrate the occasion by reminiscing the progress of such an important milestone!

In 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented “the web.” By 1993, WWW technology was declared available to the public and from that moment on, life, as we knew it, would never be the same. Today the Internet dominates our world! With new technology being invented everyday, it is obvious that the Web is just getting started!

But before we look forward to the boundless potential of the Net, it is important that we look back and remember what the Internet was like 25 years ago.

The Net of 1989 was very different than the one we know in 2014. 25 years ago, the Internet was simple and slow moving. The 1990’s consisted of blank pages and heaps of hyperlinks—the web was simple, but it was also sparse. Could we ever go back? Can we imagine a world without iPhones or Wi-Fi?

The invention of the Net certainly sparked a global revolution. I mean, the online world has transformed economies, education, healthcare systems and governments. The Internet and access to information has even stood at the center of newly emerging democracies around the globe. So while this week calls time to celebrate, it also calls us to action.

40% of humanity is already connected, building, and shaping the future of the Internet.  Everyday we create something new. Our ingenuity continues to unlock the Internet’s untapped potential. But our world is only partially connected! Imagine what we will be able to accomplish when we connect to the remaining 60% of the world’s population. Think about the impact universal access to knowledge would have on the development of the human race…

We must fight to keep the Web free and open to the global community. We must encourage the presence of all languages and cultures online. We must remember our history, our struggles, and our progress and use it to propel us into the future. What we create is only limited by our own imagination. What world do we want to live in? This is the wonder of the web.




JayArgonaut. (YouTube). (2014, 03 12). Tim Berners-Lee Calls for an “Internet Magna Carta” on the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web [Web Video]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-TiKCTFKv0


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Internet

  1. It is hard to believe that the internet is only 25 years old!!! The Web is as old as my cousin. Crazy to think that my parents lived through a time without something I use everyday. It has come such a long way. It is a little intimidating to imagine the jumps it will make within the next 25 years.


  2. With the web being officially 25 years old, I wonder how long it has been such a common thing? I remember early in elementary school when the internet was only really used often for things like email. It’s amazing how fast things have changed, and it definitely supports my opinion that education needs to change along with the way we share/get information.


  3. It’s unreal to me that the World Wide Web is only 25 years old. It plays such a prominent role in mine and a lot of people’s lives that it’s hard to believe that people actually lived without the internet.


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