An Unusual Take On The ‘First Kiss’

Social media is clogging everyone’s brains. There is of course good and evil come from it. Artistic and creative people have been able to express themselves in an array of ways unimaginable. This video here has been buzzing in the social media world and there are several parodies already popping up all over the place! People are grabbing their phones to comment via social media. Take a look for yourself if you haven’t already.

Over 44 million hits and growing as we speak on YouTube, that’s impressive. You know a video is popular, good or bad when people create several different parodies for it. Take a look at this one replacing people with dogs, entitled First Sniff. Most of us love dogs more than people so I thought this would a good twist on it.

A popular YouTube user Joshua Hoover even created fake outtakes, a parody poking fun of the whole thing. Their are several overs just like Hoover’s on YouTube. It was kind of funny, see for yourself. 

Hoover makes a good point by creating this parody, I’m sure some people were watching the original and thought it was maybe a bit staged.  It is hard to say, although we were told it was 20 complete strangers.

The mind behind the original is Tatia Pilieva, who is a filmmaker known for her short films. This is her art and people took to all media outlets sharing this video and commenting their opinions. I thought it was a cool form of art and something so simple that you would have thought was done already. I feel as though maybe the strangers actually met behind the scenes and got a little acquainted. I only say that based on their reaction in the video, that is supposed to look natural. I believe that’s why a lot of people made parodies of how they think it would have really took place.

So what do you guys think, is this a form of art that creatives around the world will continue and push the boundaries further? Is this a cool form of art, or do you not consider this an art? I thought it was interesting and created major buzz.


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2 thoughts on “An Unusual Take On The ‘First Kiss’

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