The End of Advertising?

Last week Disney struck a deal with Dish Network that would allow viewers to skip advertisements during programs from the ABC Network. The only catch is that the Dish network will have to allow the program to be broadcasted for three days before viewers can choose to skip the advertisements. This marks a milestone.

It is no secret that people complain during their favorite programs that they are frequently interrupted by unwanted advertisements, myself included. AutoHop, the ad-skipper being utilized, will change the way that viewers experience advertisements…which could be better for them, but terribly bad for businesses. Although television is most arguably the most sought-after real estate for advertisements, it is also becoming incredibly difficult for businesses to create ads that inspire and motivate consumers. People have become so bored with them, and although they become susceptible to them through force during their television programs, it’s hard to say how successful those ads still are.

The crisis at hand is how the advertising world is going to grab the audience’s attention when technology is becoming their enemy. Television networks are going to begin increasing the amount of money they spend allowing their consumers to have an active role on their viewing experience, and as that increase the amount of business exposure via traditional advertising is going to decline. What does that mean for advertisers? How can they fight this battle…and win?




Wolff, M. (2014, March 9). Wolff: The end of advertising. USA Today. Retrieved March 12, 2014, from

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