How Mobile Technologies Impact Social Media Marketing

The rise of new media has changed the world of communications. In some ways it has enhanced the way we gather information and in other ways it has faltered. Stepping into the digital world of new media means that the accessibility of content is immediate due to the internet. Content informs, persuades, sells, entertains and educates the consumer, and thus is the single most important factor in new media. The internet allows content to be delivered to various types of digital devices, most popularly, cell phones. Out of the 91% of adults with cell phones, 55% of them have smartphones which allows them to access information whenever and wherever. Mobile phones are the top method used to access social networking across all age groups. A valuable feature to mobile devices is that it allows people to become increasingly connected through the ability to access the same pictures, videos or music files.

Social media allows us to communicate with our friends, family, and the rest of the world. It’s incredible what you can do with social media today. People can become entrepreneurs through blogging, you can land a job or internship through sites like LinkedIn, you can engage with your favorite celebrities through Twitter, you can even design your whole dream wedding on Pinterest.  All of these social media sites can be accessed in the palms of our hands through mobile apps. People are even doing online shopping through their phones. “The Rise of In-store Mobile Commerce” by Aaron Smith said that 25% of cell phone owners use their cell phones in-store to compare prices and try to find better deals online. While taking their survey, I realized how much I rely on my phone while I’m shopping. I definitely will go online to look at product reviews before buying it, and have done so several times within the last 30 days. We can search for an item, read through product reviews, add it to our digital cart, pay through credit card, and the item gets shipped to us a few days later. We don’t even need to leave our seats. Advertisers are now targeting social media to reach their audience. Instagram has integrated ad space by letting brands advertise their product, YouTube videos have the sponsored ads at the beginning of a video and also along the sidebars, Twitter has also incorporated sponsored tweets, and Facebook has ads along the sidebars and also some ads appear on users’ news feed.

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