Tweeting with the Cap’n

Real time marketing through Twitter has started to surface as a leading contender for social media marketing. Recently, the Academy Awards shut down the website after Ellen live-tweeted a “selfie” of A-list actors. While some traditional marketers may dispute the relevance of real time marketing, recent events such as the Oscar selfie and JC Penny’s “drunk” tweeting during the Superbowl have proved just how much attention Twitter can garner.



It has also been argued that creating responses such as Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark,” is not something companies can plan which supports the idea that real time marketing isn’t effective. However, in the article Real time marketing means: Be human, Twitter UK marketing director Bruce Daisley states, “marketers can plan for real time marketing…one cannot plan what exactly can happen during an event of public interest, but that ‘you can build your capabilities and your real time mindset to try to take advantage of them happening.’” The article further states that to excel at this form of marketing, brands need to act like humans on social media. This means that brands need to work make an effort to give themselves personality and interact on social media as if they were real people. Giving a brand a personality and having it interact with consumer’s online allow it to become humanized. 


During a conference at South by Southwest, Huge community manager and the social media voice of Cap’n Crunch, Andrew Cunningham, discussed how he keeps the Cap’n relevant and up to date in the 21st century. Cunningham says he keeps him popular in the Twitter sphere by “making sure that people want him to be there, he’s not just interrupting what’s going on in the real world.” Personally, I think the Cap’n Crunch account does a great job of humanizing their image as well as cultivating the brand. The Cap’n’s Twitter account bio reads “Adventurer, breakfast connoisseur, raconteur. Host of The Cap’n Crunch Show.” As well as interacting with other’s on Twitter through responses and retweets, Cap’n Crunch also hosts a Youtube channel and maintains a Facebook page. 


Personally, I think real time marketing is going to be one of the dominant medias for the upcoming generation. Millennials have strayed from conventional forms of entertainment such as television and even prominent websites like Facebook. This crowd is drawn to sites such as Twitter and applications like Instagram, where everything is done in real time. Therefore, companies have to learn to maintain relevance through creating Twitter personalities and grabbing user’s attention by interacting. From personal experiences, I’m more drawn to companies that humanize their brand and work to create a relatable account.



5 thoughts on “Tweeting with the Cap’n

  1. I think that it’s become practically necessary for all major companies to engage in real time marketing simply due to the fact that everybody else is doing it. It’s almost a “keeping up with the Joneses” kind of idea. If your brand isn’t present on Twitter, Facebook, etc. it is likely that your competitor is, and will benefit from that presence.


  2. I agree that Twitter and other social media networks are great forms of marketing. This type of advertising is definitely tailored to the Millennials and Cap’n Crunch is a great example of this.


  3. Real time marketing is a key part of helping create a personality for a brand. When a brand is using media in real time with events that are taking place, you can build a stronger image of that brand seeing how they react to those tweeting at them or just interacting with them on other media sites. Since branding is all about creating a perception and personality for a brand creating certain attributes for that brand are key.


  4. Loved this! Ellen stated on her show that she was afraid no one would get out of their seats to participate in the selfie. However, since this show had such a fun and positive feel many of the prominent guests were willing to participate with Ellen because they respect her. Real time marketing is such a valuable marketing tool, if done correctly. Ellen was able to break a record with this one!


  5. Real time marketing is a great way for brands to connect with their audience. It shows that they understand their audience by studying their tone of voice and personalities that connect well with them. Real-time responses to current events helps people identify better with the brand because it makes the brand seem personable and conversational.


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