The Latest Photoshop Fail

The one thing about new media is how apparent flaws in our societal values can become when it’s used the wrong way. Target is the latest brand to have abused their Photoshopping privileges, as Jezebel first noticed. Target’s website featured a teen model wearing a junior’s swimsuit with a square “thigh gap” poorly Photoshopped as well as a chunk taken out of her hip and an obviously edited arm resting on her leg. The photo has since been taken down but blogs and news sources all over the Internet are reporting on this unfortunate photo edit.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.57.16 AMScreen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.00.31 AM

While Photoshop is a valuable tool, it’s a blessing and a curse. I find it really sad that a model for Target’s junior’s line was the subject of this – we are showing young girls what is supposed to be a societal standard, when really, there should be no standard at all. Brands like Aerie and Dove are fighting against these standards, which may be a better thing to do when scandals and accidents like these occur.

It is interesting to consider whether Photoshop is actually helpful or harmful, especially in the fashion and modeling industry. I personally think that Photoshop is a greater harm than a useful tool. It can be helpful to a point – touching up lighting, adjusting colors and tones, and maybe even removing a stray hair. However, modifying people’s bodies for the sake of modification is unnecessary and gives an unrealistic tone to the photo, especially when modeling clothes for a retail website such as Target’s. Retail websites are supposed to show their clothing products on real people to show a real fit, especially if a consumer is ordering them online. Aerie has started showing each size of bra on different models to show a “real-life” fit for women and girls shopping there. I think all retailers could take a lesson from Aerie.

today-original today-photoshopped

Cosmopolitan magazine did a “digital makeovers” project with hosts of the “Today” show to illustrate how Photoshop can be used unnoticeably. When you put the photos side by side, it definitely is noticeable. Cosmo’s editor in chief Joanna Coles said she calls Photoshop “tidying up”, and the photo editors gave a diagram of how they changed Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, and Natalie Morales with their editing skills. This was part of a campaign called “Love your selfie,” which hopes to inspire and empower self-confidence in people without needing Photoshop to do it.

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I found this digital makeovers project shocking and effective as it showed just how many changes are made to photos that are published and how easily images like the ones Target had on their website are transformed. It just goes to show Photoshop has affected photography and photojournalism.



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5 thoughts on “The Latest Photoshop Fail

  1. I saw a lot of buzz about this topic all over Facebook, Buzzfeed, etc. Even though we all know practically any image we see in the media today is photoshopped, it was shocking to see just how much the Target’s photo has been drastically edited. The fact that the image was used for the junior line makes Target look even worse.


  2. Almost every image in magazines, ads, etc. are photoshopped but this ad particularly stands out because it’s for a juniors line. I think it’s sad that Target feels they need to photoshop a junior brand ad and it is definitely more than just “tidying up.”


  3. This ad was such a huge fail. Target needs to handle this as soon as possible, because not only will this contribute to teenage self-esteem issues, it’s going to make Target look terrible as a company.


  4. I think it’s pretty obvious to most adults and young adults that companies photoshop their ads. The big issue in my opinion is that most of viewers of these ads are young girls; and because of this I think there are some serious adverse effects, like unhealthy eating patterns and body image issues. In today’s world, I believe people are embracing full-bodied figures and curves, and I don’t understand why companies won’t follow that current trend.


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