Fashion Tip: Wear Your Billboard

Billboards are billboards. Usually we walk or drive right by them without stopping to read the message multiple times or thinking about them later. A soft drink company in New Zealand has made their billboards a little more interesting though. The billboards, which are at walking level around New Zealand, have removable beach towels and flip-flops attached to them. Passersby are encouraged to peel off a pair of flip flops to wear or grab a beach towel to use on their next trip to the water. L&P, the soft drink company that created the wearable billboards, encourage viewers to “hold onto summer” by having some items that are summer-inspired.

These billboards are not only eye-catching because of their vibrant colors and odd three dimensional look. I think that the genius and popularity of these advertisements can be attributed to incentive. Advertisers must put extra effort into capturing viewers’ attention because most people are very preoccupied with mobile devices, work, social distractions, and the want for free time. By offering an incentive for people who pay attention, people who see the wearable billboards will feel better about the brand and be more likely to talk about it. Everyone loves free stuff, even if you do not particularly need the object that is free. L&P has also created a lasting impression with people who take the flip-flops or beach towels attached the billboards. Every time those people see those beach items, they will think of the billboard. As you can see in the short video posted below, those who take the beach towels and pairs of shoes, do not spend much time reading the text on the ad or reading what is underneath the towel. This may be beneficial to L&P, for they are not disturbing anyone’s day. The people with the free beach-wear will look at their incentives when they want to. This makes their ad experience a little more relaxed and offers the opportunity of increased frequency for the brand later.

It may be a simple experience, but those billboards have transformed a normal ad-viewing into a more experiential and interactive activity. Interactivity within advertising is usually seen as digitally enhanced or using some form of advanced technology. But L&P did not need to spend a lot of money on their simple billboard idea. The ad campaign for “holding onto summer” was simple, eye-catching, buzz-worthy, and it was also extremely cost-effective.


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2 thoughts on “Fashion Tip: Wear Your Billboard

  1. This is a sweet and effective advertisement! It’s awesome that you can take a piece of a billboard with you. I would love to see more things like this in the future.


  2. This is so clever! I love it. It’s a great way to connect with their target and attract new consumers…I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?


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