The New Wholesome

Most commercials aimed towards family products are aimed towards the mother because it has been shown they are doing the shopping in the family. However, over the recent years, the family dynamic has changed, meaning more fathers are shopping because they are staying at home, it is a two father household, or they are a single father. Many brands however still are mainly marketing to mothers. Honey Maid decided to change this with their new ad campaign aimed at fathers. This new ad features five different families and is completely focused on the father of the household.

As well as featuring the father, Honey Maid used real families that are not the typical white, mother, father and child. The families include a gay family, punk rock family, mixed race families, and a single father. This commercial is showcasing how different the typical American family is now and that the father is now sometimes the one doing the buying. Also, it is including all types of families in their ad, showing they are a brand for every type of family and person.

I think this ad campaign is a wonderful idea. Ads are now finally starting to show inclusion of everyone who buys their products, not just the stereotypical family. Additionally, by using real families in their ads, it creates a more personal touch to the campaign and allows the other consumers to really connect with the people in the commercials. In turn, if consumers are connecting to the ads, they will be more likely to purchase the product, resulting in higher sales. Overall, I think the use of all types of families in ads is a huge step in the right direction towards inclusion of everyone in advertisements.

What do you think? Do you think including all types of families in one ad is a good idea or should the ads be targeted to each individual type of family? 



Griner, David. (10 March 2014). Ad of the Day: Honey Maid Celebrates Single Dads, Gay Dads, Punk Dads and More. AdWeek. Retrieved from:

3 thoughts on “The New Wholesome

  1. This commercial is brilliant. it gives off a family-oriented, truly genuine experience with modern notions of same-sex fathers and tatooed families that like to play the drums with their children. Honey Maid definitely put themselves on the forefront of a brand with values.


  2. I loved this commercial. It’s really refreshing to see Honey Maid recognizing changing norms in family structure, and tailoring their advertisements accordingly. Not only does this create a great image for the brand, but I’m sure these types of ads will increase sales as well.


  3. Theres no such thing as a traditional family in America anymore really and Honey Maid is smart to realize that. By advertising to all different types of families they can reach and appeal to more audiences. Targeting fathers is also a nice way for them to expand into a new market that most foods directed towards kids ignore.


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