Beach Billboard Brilliance

Perhaps the best form of advertising and giving out samples comes in the form of a New Zealand Brand’s newest advertising strategy. L&P, a New Zealand drink maker has made an interactive advertisement that seems to be a sweeping success in major cities. The tag line of the campaign is to “Hold on to Summer” and the billboards literally make the viewer hold on by giving them summer beach items. Some signage is entirely of flip-flops and people are encouraged to take a pair. The poster is still underneath so that the message is not lost. Other ads include beach towels with the company’s message that can be taken from billboards and are replaced with a sign underneath!

Check out the video below:

The video shows how unique and different this ad strategy is. Notice how excited the pedestrians are when they grab the free L&P merchandise. Do you think this is a successful ad idea, or does it stray from the product, which is a beverage? Personally I think it works because the tag line is “Bit different aye” and this campaign is surely different then anything I’ve ever seen. It also associates a cold drink with summer and the summer items they give away. What do you think about this advertisement? Do you think this could ever work in America, specifically a metropolitan area like Chicago?


9 thoughts on “Beach Billboard Brilliance

  1. I think this advertising strategy is great. While the actual promotional items might not last long out in public, the conversations that come from them will. People will definitely talk about the new flip flops they got for free with all of their family and friends. The publicity and word of mouth potential for this campaign is endless.


  2. I love how interactive this advertisement is! It is very personal, and allows the audience to have a real connection with the brand. It is very similar to the Dove campaign, in which the image of a woman’s face was constructed out of coupons that passer-byers could take off, and use on Dove products. I see this innovative technique being used frequently in the future.


  3. I love this! This is so cool and interactive. I hope advertisers and marketers use this type of interactive strategy more because I think it has several benefits.


  4. I agree that I enjoyed the interactiveness of this ad technique. When advertisements have a personal touch to them, it definitely increases the audiences liking to it, because they feel as if they are a part of the advertisement. I definitely agree that more advertisers and marketers should use this type of technique more often.


  5. I agree. I think their way of interacting with their consumers is a new way to reach them. People who do not normal drink this beverage may look at their shoes while at the beach, think of how much they enjoyed the free product, and go and purchase a beverage. It is unique and I think that will help the brand stick in the consumers mind.


  6. I think that interactive advertisements are so much more effective than traditional ads. People are going to remember this and talk about it, which is really great for business!


  7. This is a cool advertising idea and it gets the logo out there. It also gives people something they could talk about to their family and friends. It may have also been a good idea to give people samples or beach passes for a brand-sponsored beach party. But definitely an engaging advertising technique.


  8. I think this is a great idea because it is interactive with the audience. It gets the logo and the information out there which is what they want. Also, it helps create conversation within family and friends. It is something that people will remember and tell others about it.


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