Your Private Driver.

A couple days ago, I went to San Francisco to visit my friends. And part of the reason was to avoid the cold in Chicago. I’m more like a sunshine and tropical boy. Anyway, the weather and their lifestyle were pretty chill and a little laid back. Going to somewhere warmer is like the best gift ever. But as you all know, California in general doesn’t provide a good public transport system. Unlike Chicago, we have the CTA and Bus, which makes everything much convenient. The five days i spent in San Francisco, i was having doubts on how to travel to one place to another. As the taxi fare is pretty expensive in San Francisco, surprisingly!

As i was thinking to rent a car in San Francisco, Lyft and Uber came to save my life. My friend suggested the Lyft and Uber applications may help me in saving all the taxi’s fare. To an international student like me, Uber and Lyft sound really new to me. As back then in my country, Malaysia, practically everyone owns a car, and people barely call up for a taxi ride. So what exactly are Lyft and Uber?

Basically, it’s a luxury car service, in which you use your smartphone app like Uber and Lyft to book a ride. These smartphone apps are completely free of charge, except the fact that you have to register an account with your credit/debit card. As they charge the ride fare from your card. Unlike the normal taxi, you have to carry cash or sometimes your card with you to pay for the ride. A tip for those of you who wants to visit California or any other states, install both, Uber and Lyft. As you can compare both price and choose which service to use. As sometimes, either both service has discount, or sometimes, they charge you higher at night, especially to Uber. There was once i wanted to take Uber ride back to my hotel, but they told me they are charging extra at night, so i switched to Lyft where they offered cheaper fare compare to Uber. And one thing about these service is that you get a free ride on your first ride of their service. If you install two app, means that you get two free rides. 😀

Uber provides different variety of ride. If you’re going for a budget trip, they have their Uberx which you get to ride on  private car to your destination. They hire locals with their car to fetch you to your destination. Based on my personal experience, i was pretty impressed by their service. The drivers were extremely friendly, they treated me as if i was their friend. And i was quite surprised by the car they used to fetch me. Most of the drivers that i got was either in Lexus or Toyota. Compare to the normal taxi vehicles, these are way better, as it’s cleaner and luxurious compare to taxi.

Uber even provides SUV and their signature black car service. Which are more luxury than their Uberx service. They use branded luxurious car, but obviously, they are way expensive compare to the Uberx. But, it’s a good choice when you’re going on a date or an event.

As for Lyft, they provide the same service as Uber. They provide private car service, and somewhat, the drivers were more friendly than Uber. I thought their marketing strategy was pretty cute. As compare to Uber, their black and classy theme. Lyft is more like a casual and young theme. I find it easier to recognise a Lyft car, most of their car has a pink moustache attached in their car. And the drivers will shout their slogan once you get into their car.

To be honest, i think the both services are equivalent good. It’s a cheaper way to get a real taxi, as it’s cheaper than the taxi fare. I think it’s a good way to save money while travelling. After all, we are still students, budget is the way it is.

11 thoughts on “Your Private Driver.

  1. I think this new fad of apps for ride-sharing/cab calling is very interesting. I have been following the new legislation that has been in the works because of programs like these and it has a lot of different impacts on both consumers and the service providers!


  2. I am loving UBER! I have used my $20 free ride. I was in NYC this week and I used it there and split the fare with friends, super easy! I heard that Lyft is even easier and nicer but I haven’t seen any problems to make me not continue with Uber.


  3. I just recently joined Uber, and I definitely am a fan. I was originally persuaded to get it by my parents who want me to use the APP to prevent me form having to hail a cab or being in an unsafe place with no ride back. I have never heard of Lyft before and I have only had great experiences with Uber, so I don’t plan on switching until I do have an unpleasant experience with it.


  4. I’m not sure if you heard about it or not, but supposedly the cab companies here in Chicago are wanting to expose some politicians if apps like Uber aren’t banned city-wide. The posting is unknown if it’s serious or satire, but Uber is definitely making an impact!


  5. I’ve used Uber before too and the idea is so cool and really effective, I think, in this day and age. What i think it pretty unique about what you mentioned is how Lyft is seemingly trying to appeal to perhaps a different age group than Uber. I never really though of cab companies appealing to anyone except for those in need of a ride. I will definitely have to check Lyft out and compare.


  6. I constantly use Uber and I think this is a great idea. I never really saw Uber as anything else apart from a cab company. Maybe this will help it be more appealing to others besides taxi riders.


  7. I used Uber before and the idea is great, but it seemed more expensive than a regular cab. I think they have their own fares that are more expensive so that was the only negative thing. Using your phone to find a nearby cab is great and useful


  8. I have yet to use Lyft or Uber, but I heard these services are great! I think what’s making these services thrive is not only convenience from the keypad of your phone, but also through word of mouth. Everyone knows what a taxi is, but I definitely think they have a bad reputation in terms of ripping you off.


  9. Uber is an amazing thing for broke college kids. However, we’re looking at the issue in a very narrow minded way. There are a lot of restrictions on taxi cab drivers. These taxis started out as a dumbed down version of taxis. Because there was so much growth and competition in the market after a few years, government began putting restrictions on how many people could be taxi drivers. They had to go through certifications and buy licenses.
    Uber and Lyft are trying to get away on a technicality, and many taxi drivers are hurting because of it. Many Uber and Lyft drivers are using this as a way to make supplemental money to their already existing income. For most taxi drivers, giving people rides is their only job.
    There’s a set amount of rides to be given in the world, instead of less people making a living, more people are making half a living. Which is better?


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