Who Doesn’t Want Free Shoes?

New Zealand is amazing. Besides the fact that it provided the back drop for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand has a new campaign that should make us all jealous.



If these billboards where here in Chicago, they would be ignored or cause people to have frost bite. It is far too cold to invest in this type of advertisements. However, when the summer finally comes around, this style will be brilliant!! Providing future consumers with free gifts is a great way to build goodwill. 

A great place companies can utilize this style of advertising is in front of clubs, by the beach, or near concert halls. It is a reusable advertisement that consumers will literally take with them where ever they go. It is a genius idea because it has value beyond that of the normal paper advertisement.


I will ignore pop up ads. I will throw away the paper coupons. I will, however, keep the shoes I peeled off a wall waiting for the bus. It is a tangible ad. It is the future of advertising. It is how advertisers need to entice their target audience to even consider looking at their product.

Modern consumers are calling for more modern techniques. Print and online advertisements are not enough. They are easily ignored, clicked through, and taken for granted. Companies need to think of new ways to get in the public’s way. They need something loud or interactive so we not only notice, but remember their ads.  



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