Samsung Introduces New Music App

Samsung just recently released a new music-streaming app called Milk Music.  I know the world doesn’t need another music-streaming app, but Milk Music actually sounds pretty promising.  Unlike other music apps, such as Pandora or Spotify, the free Milk Music app does not feature any ads and it does not require it’s users to create a log in.  Samsung is hoping that the Milk Music app will be able to successfully compete with other apps as well as Apple’s iTunes Radio.  iTunes Radio is only free if users download the version of the app that contains ads.  If users want to stream music free of ads on iTunes Radio, they must pay a fee of $24.99.  Milk Music offers plenty of options that will surely appeal to music lovers of all kinds.  The new app offers 13 million songs as well as 200 different stations.  Another major plus of this app is it does not require users to have Wi-Fi or service to stream music.  The app is now available for people who have a Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S 4 Mini, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 3.

Unfortunately, I do not own any sort of Samsung device, so I will not be able to download and utilize this app but I still think it is a great idea.  I think Milk Music brings a lot to the table in terms of music streaming and can easily compete with other music streaming apps such as iTunes Radio, Spotify and Pandora.  The fact that the app is ad-free is a major seller point for me.  I frequently use Pandora and the ads that appear after every few songs are extremely irritating.  When I’m streaming music while typing a paper or doing any sort of homework, I feel think the ads just take me right out of the zone and are a major distraction.  This is why I began searching for other music streaming apps that aren’t as obnoxious and offer a less problematic music experience.  An ad-free app that I really like that I have recently discovered is 8tracks.  8tracks allows for users to create mixes and it allows matches users up with mixes that seem preferable to them.  There are a number of different categories such as “chill,” “study,” “relax,” “party,” “morning,” “epic,” “feel good,” and “summer.”  All sorts of music genres are available to choose from as well.  I definitely think 8tracks is my favorite music-streaming app because it somehow is able to provide a mix that completely fits my mood as well as music choice.


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4 thoughts on “Samsung Introduces New Music App

  1. This actually sounds like an app that I would use, especially because it works without WiFi or advertisements. I completely agree that ads take me out of whatever I’m doing at the time and irritate me.


  2. It does sound pretty awesome. It’s amazing how there are so many different types of way to listen to music now and each new one that comes out has to somehow one up the previous ones.


  3. I do not see how this new app can function with out some kind of revenue? Ads or login costs is how most music companies buy the rights to music. I still will rely on Pandora or youtube because it is familiar. I also do not know if Samsung apps will be as easy to use as Apple’s apps since I am primarily an Apple user.


  4. Personally, I use strictly Apple apps and right now I rely iTunes Radio for music purposes. For iTunes radio there is no downloading required and its very easy to use in that all Apple technology works in generally the same way. So yeah, the music app seems interesting and definitely has a lot of cool features, but I just don’t see myself ever using it and I feel that many people would agree with me. People usually stick with what is familiar and what is convenient.


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