Pizza Hut is Stepping up

The future of pizza is here! Majority of people have argued on what to order on a pizza when out at a restaurant, but Pizza Hut has found a way to ease this process. There is no longer a waitress with a pen and paper waiting to take your order. Pizza Hut has teamed up with Chaotic Moon Studios and has invented the new way of ordering pizza.

Customers can now sit down at their table and order their pizza literally right off the table with no waitress.  As the costumer sits down they can tap the table and start creating their pizza. The first step is picking the size of pizza and then the next step is adding the sauce and cheese. After picking the sauce and cheese, customers choose the toppings and whether they want it on half the pizza or the whole pizza. The table also gives the option to pay for the pizza right from your phone if it sitting on the table. Another feature the table offers is playing games once the pizza order is placed. If the costumers phone is on the table, they can pull up their apps right on the table, which is a great pass time while waiting for the pizza to come out. While waiting for the pizza there is a countdown of the time it will take for it to come out.

I think this is a great new look at a way to order pizza at a restaurant but there are pros and cons. Some pros of this table is that there is no need for a waitress and the process of ordering the pizza could go a little more smoothly with no mistakes from miscommunication.  This new way can also be fun because it is interactive and very customizable. I think the option to play games on the table from your phone is a good addition to this table because it makes the wait for food go by faster. On the other hand, there are cons to this table. Some people may still want the traditional way of ordering pizza and the interaction that comes along with it.  There would be a lower demand for waitresses and some costumers may like to meet new people and have that interaction with a waitress.  The ordering process of a pizza with another person could be enjoyable for some costumers.

Would you prefer the customizable table or the traditional waitress?


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2 thoughts on “Pizza Hut is Stepping up

  1. I think this technology is great! But, I definitely agree that there are pros and cons. The downside of this is taking that social interaction with the waiter away, but also the cost of buying tables/tablets like these for the restaurant itself. I think that this would be fun to try, but I don’t think I would want to use it every time.


  2. I personally like having a waitress/waiter. I think people genuinely appreciate personal experiences. I recently went to Chilis and they use a sort of tablet method and I was definitely not a fan.


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