No More Sexually Explicit Content on Vine

The video-sharing network, Vine, will no longer allow users to post sexually explicit videos. For those who upload such videos will be subject to having their accounts suspended.

On a blog post Thursday, Vine stated, “We don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet-we just prefer not to be the source of it.” That is very well said and I could not agree more. I believe this app is for those who are trying to reach their creative filmmaking and artistic side. It is a chance for people to produce their own little stories and become their own directors.

Vine, the Twitter-owned social network, made a comment that not a lot of users will be affected by this change. This six-second video creation is most popular among actors in the porn industry. This is surprising to me. I did not classify Vine as being an app that would be used in this way. All the videos I have scrolled through have been comical and there would be occasional swearing, but nudity?

A teammate of mine is obsessed with watching vine videos and goes through all of them before we go to bed on every trip. She dies laughing every time. A lot of the videos are stupid funny, such as little kids asked to do something or say something funny. I don’t think she, as an active user, ever came across a video that said “WARNING- This post my contain sensitive content. Tap to view.”

Vine said, “We’ve found that there’s a very small percentage of videos that are not a good fit for our community.” With this being said, that is a good thing. Vine is being morally conscious of what their app stands for and how they want it to be used in the most appropriate way. They need to keep in mind that kids are being given cell phones earlier on in their lives and active users of Vine. This is not appropriate for a kid at this age. I am taken back when learning that Vine allowed these actors in the porn industry to be actively using and uploading this sort of content for as long as they have been.

However, these changes will not ban nudity across the board. Vine will allow users to continue to post videos containing nudity if they are in a documentary context/artistic context or if they do not fall under anything sexually provocative. This may include a mother breastfeeding her child. What do you think?



Rodriguez, S. (2014, March 6). Vine will no longer allow pornographic, sexually explicit content. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from,0,1175415.story

4 thoughts on “No More Sexually Explicit Content on Vine

  1. I think that this is great — to a certain extent. Seeing other social media sites doing in the past, it very easily get’s out of hand and, like you said, mothers breastfeeding can be viewed as “sexual content” by the app or website. Hopefully Vine will be able to take sexual restriction one step further than other websites and make sure that it will only limit actual inappropriate content. 🙂


  2. I agree, Vine was right to ban ban provocative sexual content but allow non provocative sexual content like breast feeding. However, I can see how content can be provocative to some but not to others. It will be interesting to see how Vine handles content that could go either way.


  3. I think this is a good move on Vines part. Although I think the rule can be misconstrued to block things that aren’t necessarily sexual, it also blocks the things that are unquestionably sexual and inappropriate. There are many young viewers on Vine and I think taking this step cements Vine as a socially conscious brand and allows them to appeal to a larger demographic.


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