Google vs. Apple Ad

Today’s technology companies have to try really hard to convince the public that they’re products are a part of the human experience. The goal is to make sure that people don’t associate their products with cold mechanism, but a friendly companion to human creativity. Both Apple and Google are corporations that have been on top of their game when it comes to making commercials that showcase their products in a positive light. The two companies aim to inspire creativity by connecting their products as essential tools. In a recent Forbes article, the question of which ad is more effective despite Apple and Google both being advertising big wigs.

This first ad came from Apple’s campaign for the iPad air. This is definitely epic and the audience can feel something. In my opinion the ad provides a call to action and leaves the viewers marveling.

This next ad is a part of Google’s search on campaign which encourages people to use Google as their search engine of choice. Google really takes their search engine to the next level and emphasizes the unlimited possibilities with their product.

While both ads are pretty excellent by my standards, one ad seems a lot more connected to the audience. In the battle advertisements, Apple vs. Google, I rule in favor of Google. The two ads both astound the public and sustain a connection with the audience, but Apple puts their product on a pedestal that the average citizen just doesn’t reach. As mentioned in the Forbes article, Apple doesn’t quite prompt that attainability where Google does (Burns 2014). Apple provides a call to action, but as a consumer, I’m almost intimidated to purchase an iPad Air. The repetition of “You may contribute a verse” really puts pressure on the consumer. At least that’s what I felt when I heard it. The whole epic feel of the ad was powerful and scary. I hope that my verse is good enough even if I don’t have an iPad. On the flip side, you have Google whose strategy was to show a bunch of people attempting to learn about the process of building a story. For me Google’s ad made me feel a lot better about myself and how my capabilities could be expanded by simply typing into a search engine. I usually fall in love with Apple ads and admire them for their genius and fresh approaches, but the similarities between the ads are too close not to compare and declare Google the winner. Apple’s ad feels a little overbearing while Google’s is approachable. However in the end, they are both jobs well done.


Burns, W. (2014, March 06). Google beats apple at it’s own game: Advertising. Retrieved from

7 thoughts on “Google vs. Apple Ad

  1. I thought this was an interesting comparison and something that is easily done but also not always a comparison people would make automatically. I liked the points that you made. 🙂


  2. Nice article. I think both Apple and Google did a great job in creating an experience for their consumers which is key when it comes to advertising. Both commercials are excellent.


  3. I agree that they both did a good job. I think taking embracing the idea that their products invite adventure and happiness (of course) is a good way to go and can make for some very lively and eye-catching commercials (as we can see)


  4. I definitely agree with you. I’ve often felt Apple ads are far too unrelatable and epic for the average person. They try way too hard to create some sort of godly brand when they should let their products speak for themselves. The company aesthetic has always been pretentious but to me these ads take it too far. It’s already a lifestyle brand and these ads are far too intangible for the everyday viewer.


  5. I think you hit the nail on the head with your points and I agree with johnnarudd’s comment. Apple makes great products, but they are trying SO hard to be a status rather than an attainable and encompassing brand. Google knows they’re on top, but they still want to relate to everyone. Very smart ads.


  6. Nice comparison. I like both ads. It’s hard to tell which one serves its product better. Like you said in the article, Google ad is more directively deliver its product information to the audience. But sometimes people like apple just because it creates a sensible and intangible feeling.


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