Cheap and Chic


I never thought to associate McDonalds with fashion, especially with luxury brand Moschino. I think it is catchy they took the McDonald’s “M” and applied it towards Moschino, but the color scheme and font reminded me of fast food at first. That purse featured above? …It’s $2,000. And Moschino’s new line is selling out, so they are clearly doing something right. Maybe it is the fact that celebrities and fashion bloggers have jumped on this new line. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus both have been spotted wearing the clothing.


It does seem a little odd to mix fast food with runway fashion. The clothing is all around $1,000 and up, which doesn’t really match with the minimum wage paycheck from McDonald’s employees.

“’One knowing how it is to work at McDonald’s knows there is nothing fashionable about it,’ Mia Brusendorff, a former McDonald’s worker in Indiana, told MailOnline. ‘Knowing someone will pay $1,000 for clothing inspired by McDonald’s workers who earn minimum wage is a mockery.’

Fashion is about having fun, which is all Moschino was aiming to do. “It’s about taking something trashy and making something you treasure forever” said designer Jeremy Scott. It also talks about how the media has embraced food as a way to sell clothing or objects not related to food before. Andy Warhol was one of the first people who helped with introducing things like bananas and canned soup into something more.

I personally don’t support fast food and I didn’t like Moschino’s take on it. The clothing is not going to be a fad much longer but it was fun to research since I had been seeing it pop up lately.




2 thoughts on “Cheap and Chic

  1. I have to agree with you on disliking the line itself. There has been so much controversy in the news lately about how little McDonalds workers get paid, so having this super expensive line using the logo seems insensitive to me personally.


  2. This is hilarious. It’s like a $2000 Happy Meal box. I can’t believe people are actually buying this junk. Not only is it hilarious, but it’s kind of bad to use celebrities to sell McDonald’s. When kids see Katy Perry wearing McDonald’s clothes, they are going to want to go to eat there, which will make them fat. Also, you know that Katy Perry doesn’t eat McDonald’s, but this shows she’ll sell out for a nice bag.


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