Beyonce Doesn’t Need Advertising

     I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like her. I remember listening to the radio when she had dropped her new album by surprise. Not only was it released with no promotion but her album, broke the iTunes record for the largest sales week (Tapper 2013). Her new method of no promotion caught a lot of people off guard and her success rate only added to the surprise factor.

      She wanted to try something new and it worked really well for her. In a world that’s constantly bombarding you with advertisement and trying to sell you on something, it was nice to see an artist take a different approach and still be successful. She didn’t need any hype or commercials to get her fans excited to buy her album. She was confident enough in herself, her music and her art and knew that her album could stand alone and still be a success.

       The article and the interview explained that sometimes the hype of the promotion can harm the results. Often the advertisement builds up the album too much and then the people are disappointed when they purchase it. Another method to her madness was that the people could only buy the album on ITunes and had to buy it in its entirety. You couldn’t just purchase one or two songs; you had to buy it all. She remembered how excited people would get about Michael Jackson albums and music videos and she wanted her fans to experience the same excitement.

        I personally like her method of no promoting; it made her release more exciting. It gave her fans something to talk about and their enjoyment of the album is what really helped promote it after it was released. I’m not sure if it would work for everyone or every time through. In the video, they discuss that it worked because it’s Beyonce. She has worked very hard to get where she is and she has made a name for herself, enough that she can pull off something like this. I’m not sure if she could do it again with the same success only because what added to the hype was that she had never done something like that before. She definitely set the bar pretty high for herself and for others.

     Not only is this new method of no marketing a new successful way to advertise but it reminds us all that if you want something to be a success it has to be something big, something new, and something great. Your advertisement should be bold and make a statement and behind the advertisement should be a product that is just as good as the hype and if not better. Beyonce did a great job with taking a new “lack of advertising” approach and making it work for her and her fans.


3 thoughts on “Beyonce Doesn’t Need Advertising

  1. I think this was a great move by Beyonce. What money she didn’t waste on advertising she spent on creating more amazing content for her album. The album had a music video for almost every song on the album, which gave fans more than just her music because she did not waste money over-hyping her album.


  2. This new style of advertising reflects a new consumer state of mind. We want to control the content and when we receive it. By releasing all her work at once, consumers could binge and obsess on all that content. We did not have to wait prolonger periods of time. Beyonce gave us total consumption


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