A Day Seen through the Glasses of a Woman

Saturday is International Women’s Day in the United Nations and a group of London creatives put together an unbranded video to raise awareness on an ever-present issue- abuse. International Women’s Day began almost 100 years ago during an era of rapid change and industrialization (Mintz 2013) to promote gender equality. “As the planet’s population grew and the demand for labor increased, and as new ideologies took shape, women were thrust into a brave new world and confronted with a host of challenges” (Mintz, 2013). This group from London created a video for Women’s Day  and it makes an impact…at the end. The video begins and it seems like a commercial for Google glasses or maybe even a commercial for some horror film, but right at the end you get the real sense of what the commercial is all about. The commercial is entitled “A Woman’s day #throughglass” and it is suppose to show you what a typical day is like in the life of this one woman. She wakes up making coffee, checks the weather, and heads outside to meet up with a friend who just landed a job; and all the while it is shown through “the eyes/Google glasses” of this woman. The commercial ends with this woman arriving home late and her partner begins to beat her, which is also shown through the glasses. Google glasses are a hands free computer device, like a mobile phone but for your head. You can take pictures with the glasses, check the weather, answer text messages or emails, find directions, etc. Google had no part in the making or soliciting of this video; the creators used the glass as a portal into the action (Rick, 2014). Tim Nudd from AdWeek (2014) says, “Google Glass videos are notable for their seamless first-person perspective, which puts you not only in someone else’s shoes but in their eyes. You see what they see. No wonder, then, that the empathy-rich form is being hijacked by a PSA effort—to show you something you wouldn’t want to see in the first place.” According to Christopher Rick of ReelSEO the video was posted to YouTube on March 4th, and within a few days generated more than 300,000 views, and received 114 thumbs up and 42 thumbs down. There were more critics than expected due to grammatical errors, confusion, and “full of ignorance or attempts to shock others” (Rick, 2014). I personally didn’t understand the video or really read into the title so much so I was a bit confused on what it was all about until the very end; I thought it was a commercial for Google glasses, until I saw the ending hashtag. Despite the criticism Rick says that the important thing to him is that people create these videos, as drastic, innovative or avant garde as they may seem, as a way of storytelling and creating change.

So what do you think? Is this video moving or just confusing?


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3 thoughts on “A Day Seen through the Glasses of a Woman

  1. I think this is a very effective advertisement. It’s so realistic that it creates an emotional reaction with the viewer. Not only did this advertisement capture my attention throughout its entirety, but it also made me think. Using the comparison of progress in technology to women’s progress is a great way to make the issue resonate to a younger audience.


  2. I was quite disturbed when I saw the end of this video but I do think that it was a good way to advertise domestic violence and abuse. It is so raw, frightening and unexpected that it forces you to continue watching and pay attention to the issue that domestic violence is.


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