Public Wifi Everywhere!

temp_comcastYou don’t have to walk for blocks to go to the closest Starbucks for wifi anymore. Just stand outside of your neighbor’s place!

Comcast is in the process of creating public, wifi hot-spots inside of residential properties.  Comcast says that soon entire neighborhoods will show up as wifi hotspots on the Comcast Mobile App.  You will be able to access a public wifi, coming from a residential home, by signing in with your Comcast username and password.  Customers will be charged by signing in and accessing the public wifi.  Comcast says this will not effect the residents who house the public wifi in anyway.  The residential user will have a totally separate wifi network from the public one installed in their house, that way they are not charged for using the public network.

This will have an effect on wireless operators who charge users for data. Accessible wifi will discourage people from using their data.

Comcast is a big player for internet and cable services and this new development gives them more of edge; not that they needed it.  It will be interesting to see how Comcast users react to the new development.  Will the wifi trump the data usage or vise versa?  We will have to wait and see!





Channick, R. (2014, March 4). Comcast turning Chicago homes into public Wi-Fi hot spots. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from,0,5623448.story

2 thoughts on “Public Wifi Everywhere!

  1. That is interesting. The only other wifi provider that I know of that is doing this is Boingo. I remember when I have traveled abroad that there are Boingo hotspots with wifi, and especially abroad they must be super convenient. I wonder who will take over the market since there is an obvious demand to have access to wifi at all times.


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