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Almost all of us know that the McDonald’s menu changes country to country.  The only consistent item on the McDonald’s menu is french fries – they are sold in every McDonald’s location.

A photojournalism piece in the Chicago Tribune from November 2013 shows pictures of McDonald’s menu items from all over the world.  The menu items are completely different depending on where you are; except for the fries that is.  Items vary from a curry bucket to rice buns to spaghetti with hot dogs.

Advertising is all about identifying a target audience and honing your product in on that audience.  McDonald’s is the perfect example.  A simple fast food chain diversified for different audiences and has become the largest grossing fast food chain in the world.  Furthermore, with this diversification, McDonalds has kept some consistency.  Examples of this are keeping fries in every location and keeping the same colors.  Consistency is something that is overlooked but very important.  Some might think, “Why is consistency important when I am trying to reach a variety of audiences?”  Well because reputation is something hard to build and it means everything.  In marketing, you learn that it is more expensive to gain a new customer versus keeping an old one.  From a marketing standpoint, your goal is to create loyal customers.  McDonalds is an established company with a reputation good enough to make it the largest grossing fast food chain.  When people who trust McDonalds travel, they will trust McDonalds in another country because of the reputation they have built – good food and fast service.

The fact that they diversify for their audience is something that is greatly appreciated as well. We all know that McDonalds varies based on country because we talk about it! It’s cool and interesting. Last September I went to Croatia with someone originally from Croatia living in the U.S and she made a point to bring me to McDonalds.  Their diversification brings attention and loyal consumers.



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4 thoughts on “Micky Ds

  1. I never thought of McDonalds catering to their costumers in different countries. I always thought it was the same food all around. A good point made- it is more expensive to gain new costumers versus keeping an old one.


  2. you should check out the Swedish burger place “MAX”. In Sweden, it is more popular than McD’s because it is healthier, local ingredients, and much calmer and personal than going to McD’s… but it is the exact same concept. The MAX is always placed right next to McD’s and while both are just as busy, MAX is doing better. Now they have expanded to Dubai and are starting to expand elsewhere. When asked if they would expand to the US, their answer was no because their research shows that the American audience would not want it and so they wouldn’t be able to make it. It’s sad because it is in the same price range but much better for you — maybe something good for the US to consider? I don’t know, just a thought.


  3. I think that McDonalds does a fantastic job of reaching all of their target markets. For example, they serve rice in some Asian countries and alcohol in some European countries. I think that it is good that even though they are a fast food chain but they’re still making sure they have the right target.


  4. I’ve been to McDonalds in a few Asian countried and in Europe…it’s really fun to see all the different menus. This Tribune journalist did a great job documenting their meals.


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