Know Your Ad Words

Adding some depth to your vocabulary is never a bad idea. Knowing the newest jargon in your industry of choice is an even better one. In the past year, there have been many new trends in advertising that have finally been given the most creative of names. So, if you want to seem current and innovative in your next internship interview, maybe throw around some of the following fresh slang in the ad world.

I will mention only a selection of my favorite ad vocab that was detailed in the PR Daily article by Lianne Domenic (2014). The first of these words is “thighvertising.” A combination of thighs and advertising, this trend refers to when a company puts indented plates on the seats of park benches or other public seating. These indented plate ads on the benches don’t get much attention while on the bench, but they are imprinted on the thighs of whoever sat on the bench. This turns the unsuspecting sitter into a “walking billboard” for the company that placed the bench ad. I think this marketing has a very limited potential reach. Pants could easily cancel out any attempt to advertise on bare legs.



Listicle” (list and article) is another ad word that is both fun to say and so familiar with millennials. One word probably comes to mind when hearing listicle: Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has opened up a new realm of procrastination and entertainment on the internet. However, it isn’t all about reading somewhat pointless lists and taking useless quizzes. Those listicles on Buzzfeed cn link to actually relevant and reputable articles on more serious topic. And of course, listicles are just another outlet for brands to sneak in product placements or ads on the side bar.

Lastly, the ad word that I believe is very prevalent today is the “fictomercial.” A fictomercial is an commerial that entertains through a narrative or story. The brand is certainly mentioned within a fictomercial, but the brand name is not the main focus of the ad. The story behind the brand is emphasized, drawing in consumers with empathy and emotion. One of the most successful fictomercials I have seen would probably be Chipotle’s scarecrow video they released last year. It is powerful and entertaining, and the brand is not forced into your line of sight, but subtly referenced.


Check out the rest of the ad vocab at this page…


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One thought on “Know Your Ad Words

  1. I think knowing and keeping up with the jargon of the advertising world is really important. I had my first internship last summer and upon going in, I was definitely limited on the terms and phrases of the business. Not being able to understand your bosses and peers is definitely a challenge and I found myself catching up on these terms pretty quickly. However, I think some of these terms are kind of unnecessary and complicate things for no reason. Why do you need a term for an advertisement on a bench?


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