I’m Not Sure I Want to “Smell the Bacon”

I always think that it’s really interesting when companies that aren’t necessarily heavy in the social media and technology world come out with a digital campaign. However, I’m not sure that Oscar Mayer is going to hit the mark with their newest endeavor. Oscar Mayer is having a “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” promotion next month, and the company will be giving out 4,700 “bacon-scented smartphone attachments.” According to adweek.com, users of the gadget with a branded alarm will be woken up with the scent of sizzling bacon. Oscar Mayer collaborated with the agency 360i and have released a viral video to announce the giveaway. Adweek.com claims “Giving out 4,700 devices might sound generous, but it’s a crafty long-term play for profitability. If you’re going to wake up daily to the smell of bacon, you’re going to make damn sure you always have bacon in the house.”


While I have to give Oscar Mayer credit for their creativity, I’m not sure how successful this campaign and promotion will be. In reality, how many people want the scent of bacon released from a gadget on their phone? I can’t imagine that it would legitimately smell like real bacon and I would imagine that there are a variety of other promotions that the company could have used. This reminds me a lot of Hollywood’s attempt in the 1980s to produce movies that were accompanied by scents in theatre. That was an absolute disaster and turned people off from the films using this new trait. I would be interested to see how many people attempt to win one of these gadgets and the response that these people give. 

I think that it’s really great this company is wading into the digital world. This is a brand that doesn’t have a huge social media presence (as far as I know) and I’m impressed that they entered with such a big campaign. However, I think that there are a variety of other approaches that could be taken because I was somewhat caught off guard with this. In regards to the viral video, I thought it was kind of overdone and messy. It was also well over a minute and  very few commercials and keep people’s attention for that long. In reality, I think that using scents for promotions could be incredibly successful, especially for perfumes, flowers, etc. but I’m not sure that meat is something people want to smell through technology; regardless of how good the scent of bacon is. However, I could be wrong and combining scents and technology could be the next big trend. 


Griner, D. Wake Up and Smell the Bacon’ With Free Alarm Gadget From Oscar Mayer. Ad Week. Retrieved March 6, 2014, from http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/wake-and-smell-bacon-free-alarm-gadget-oscar-mayer-156123


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure I Want to “Smell the Bacon”

  1. I completely agree. It’s tough to join a new technology trend and actually get it right. I appreciate the risk that they are taking, but I do not think that Oscar Mayer’s brand and technology really mesh well. Like you said, getting up in the morning and smelling bacon would not be satisfying. Especially when you find out that no bacon is actually being made. And perhaps that’s where marketing carries out its course. If people wake up hungry for bacon, they will go and buy some. But, the whole campaign just seems way too pushy and desperate to me.


  2. I give them an A on creativity, but will it work? Will people really buy more bacon from this?- I guess we’ll have to see. It just doesn’t seem right that bacon/food is being mixed with technology.


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