Social Media and the Oscars


             Every year people wait for the night that their favorite movies and the actors and actresses in them get awarded for the great performances and production at the Oscars. I have never really been one to show much enthusiasm towards watching the Oscars but that fact has changed in the case of the last two Oscars. Personally I would say that social media has played a huge part in my interest. The social media buzz surrounding the Oscars this year has grown since the previous year. I have heard ads about the Oscars on the radio, Spotify, and have seen articles and memes about actors/actresses on Facebook. All the social media hype has gotten more people interested in watching the Oscars.

              What I find even more interesting is the fact that even after the award show, social media has the power to increase its popularity. People don’t even have to watch the Oscars to get all the information about it. I’m not simply talking about the winners of each category but all the other things that happened during the award show. The show had been constantly documented on social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. One of the most infamous moments of the Oscars last night was the picture host Ellen DeGeneres took with many well-known actors and actresses. Her tweet of the picture had reportedly made history by having the most retweets on Twitter and temporarily shutting the social media website down.


          After the award show, I had gone on Facebook as I regularly do and on my wall I had seen non-stop posts from friends and other websites about the Oscars.  Facebook posts including articles could be found concerning the Oscars posted by several media outlets such as local, national, and international news stations, radio stations, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, MTV, and others. One of the cool things about social media news on the Oscars is that it reveals things that are not televised to the public. Social media acts as that behind the scenes footage to the Oscars and allows people to see the sides of celebrities that people normally don’t see at award shows. Social media adds that personal touch.

            Besides all the previous advantages of social media for the Oscars and the audiences, social media also builds popularity to the movies and potential nominated movies themselves. With all the hype surrounding the Oscars, I found myself wanting to actually watch the movies being nominated. I feel like if I had watched them I could have been even more in tune with the Oscars and had a legitimate opinion on the reward winners. I also find myself wanting to watch the potential nominated movies for next year. Social media has played a major role in this year’s Oscars and benefits the actors/actresses, movies, and audiences all around.


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4 thoughts on “Social Media and the Oscars

  1. Social media has increased my interest in award shows as well. When people are live tweeting about something, you want to see it for yourself. Social has definitely changed advertising in a drastic way.


  2. Social Media definitely has increased peoples interest and awareness about awards season overall. People are more interested when all their friends and favorite celebrities are using #oscars all night and talking about the horrible room set up of the Golden Globes or the pizza at the Oscars. I do agree with your point about how it adds a personal touch. Many celebrities Tweet and Instagram their personal photos of the night showing they are real people and our friends, the people we interact with, make it all the more personal to us. My personal favorite behind the scenes social media post about the Oscars, Liza Minnelli trying to make it into the famous selfie but not being tall enough.


  3. Social media definitely has an affect on most things, especially something as big as the oscars. When I see celebrities tweet something going on at the oscars, or anyone tweeting something for that matter, it definitely urges me to check it out. I also agree that it adds personal touch, because when you see celebrities posting pictures of themselves with other celebrities, you get a sense that they are actually real people and they take selfies with their friends the same way we do.


  4. I actually watched the Oscars this year and I do think that social media played a strong role in getting people, especially younger people, it to watching. I love the selfie and I having watched them actually take it, I was all the more excited to view it on social media. It’s cool to see all the hot Hollywood actors get together for that epic picture.


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