Thinking outside of the glass


Google Glass is new technology that is garnering strong opinions. Those who like it rave about the technology and hands-free aspect, while others see it as an invasion of privacy since you aren’t aware of what people see. While consumers are the ones that use and ultimately judge the product, some are tinkering the technology to make it more applicable. “Things are getting interesting,” says Thad Starner, Google’s technical lead on Glass, which is expected to go on sale commercially this year. It’s now in the hands of tens of thousands folks who purchased the $1,500 device after writing a successful pitch to Google. Consumers are customizing Google Glass so that it advertises to different job fields that wasn’t intended for initially. For example, a programmer is developing software that allows Glass to monitor a driver’s eyes and send visual and auditory alerts at signs of drowsiness.




Google Glass can also be used in the health care field. In Texas, a health care entrepreneur is working with anesthesiologists to make their rounds safer and more efficient. There is also fiber optic technology that you can have a camera in the lense if you are performing surgery, making it easier to look in the body. I really like the idea of Google Glass helping drivers, especially since many of us get tired while driving. Cars now have that alert, but older cars don’t so it’s a way to market that technology without the cost of a new car. I like how consumers are thinking outside the box and being aware of technology that can be advertised in different ways.

References: Cava , M. C. (2014, February 28). Google Glass: Freaky, geeky tech toy aims to save lives. Retrieved February 28, 2014, from

One thought on “Thinking outside of the glass

  1. I too agree that it is good that consumers are thinking outside the box in how to use different technology. This is what Douglass Rushkoff wanted for us, to program and not be programmed. We are defining technology instead of technology defining us.


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