The “Buzz” About BuzzFeed

The pop culture website Buzzfeed has become the latest and most successful procrastination device of our time. A site that collects funny, newsworthy, relatable, and interesting posts. This cite speaks to everyone’s interests and personalities. If you are LGTBQ there is a Buzzfeed community for that, a site for animal lovers, a site for food lovers, music lovers, and more. But what exactly makes Buzzfeed so incredibly popular and addicting?

The fact that Buzzfeed has everything you need to know in a simple and easy to use format is the reason why I use it. I can see what the latest issues involving current events or I can scroll through light-hearted posts that I can relate to. For example, last week I was scrolling through a nostalgic post about old Disney Channel movies. It spoke to my childhood and I immediately shared it on my Facebook.

The fact that Buzzfeed allows us to share instantly to our friends through social media is also what makes the cite so popular. According to the New York Magazine, in order to understand the concept of Buzzfeed we must understand the story behind Jonah Peretti. His story goes as following, he was a graduate student who was supposed to be writing his master’s thesis. Instead, he was distracted by the internet and ended up ordering a new customizable sneaker from Nike. Pretti ordered the latest Nike product to find the word ‘sweatshop’ imprinted on the pair. He exchanged emails with a customer-service representative and the funny exchange led him to forward it to his friends.

In the weeks that followed Jonah Pretti managed to get on the Today Show to discuss Nike and what he thought about the company’s policies. It is this theme that we can get by using Buzzfeed. When we share articles and posts sometimes they will end up going viral. It is this theme of procrastination and internet use that causes all of the “buzz” about BuzzFeed.

Lastly, since we are always busy we want to be able to access all of the information we need in a fast, fun, and engaging way. We want to be able to control the information we are receiving. BuzzFeed provides this and much more.


Rice, Andrew. “Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret?” N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2014.


4 thoughts on “The “Buzz” About BuzzFeed

  1. I personally love Buzzfeed. I mean in a way it’s kind of like Tumblr with all the gifs and pictures but I love how it has more of a blog structure to it. And you’re right, this website’s success has come a lot from being able to share posts with our friends through social media instantly. Every time I go through my Facebook newsfeed I see Buzzfeed links at least once.


  2. I love BuzzFeed! And I also think that the surveys shared through BuzzFeed are starting a new trend for brands. Such as surveys for “Which M&M color are you?” that engage consumers in a new way.


  3. I agree, Buzzfeed has been so successful because it utilizes social media and the way that we approach and experience social media so well. I don’t think I could make it more than a day or two without seeing someone share a Buzzfeed article or talk about one.


  4. I really like the way that Buzzfeed places their advertisements on their site. Allowing sponsors to create lists is a great non evasive way of getting a message across as they are often times comical in nature. This is less overwhelming than pop ups and banners as they are interactive.


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