Snaps from McDonald’s

Snapchat might not just be for ugly, fleeting photos of your drunk friends anymore-soon, you might be getting ads.
    McDonald’s is one of many companies with accounts on the websites, utilizing the website’s “Snap Story” feature to advertise their products. One posted recently even utilized celebrity endorsements, featuring basketball star LeBron James. The 36-second clip features the classic Mcdonald’s burger before featuring James at the end. The clip also showed Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and NFL prospect Johnny Manziel. McDonald’s is not the first of these brands to adopt SnapChat as an advertising platform-Taco Bell released a number of ads beginning last May.

It is a cool idea, in theory. Snapchats feel very personal, more so than most advertisements do. Having your favorite celebrity give you a personal SnapChat sounds somewhat appealing. However,  I definitely see some flaws in the plan that would reduce overall effectiveness of the platform.

First, a user must follow the brand on SnapChat to even see snaps. The likelihood of me, or most of my friends, following a brand on SnapChat to begin with is minimal. Secondly,  snap stories lie completely in the audience’s control-in order to view them, a user must click and hold the snap for its entire duration to see it. While certain celebrities may lure some Snapchats users in to the ad, I seriously doubt many people would end up regularly watching all of the ads released on a brand’s Snapchat. I don’t even make it through most of my friends’ snap stories, and half the time, I just click on them to get rid of the annoying notification that pops up on my phone.
    It is important that companies learn to keep up with developing social media. However, I think that they should spend more time focusing on what social media platforms best meet their goals.

Dello, C. (26 February 2014). Mcdonald’s joins marketers experimenting with Snapchat. Retrieved from on 27 February 2014.

5 thoughts on “Snaps from McDonald’s

  1. I figured it was only a matter of time before snapchat became a source of advertising. Thats an interesting point that users will have to follow McDonald’s snapchat in order to receive snaps from them, but I wonder if snapchat will allow advertising snaps to be sent without having to follow them. I feel like if there is an over use of ads many people will become annoyed and stop using snapchat.


  2. I think that because Snapchat turned down Facebook’s huge buy-out offer they’re really going to have to do a lot to stay around. Whether this means selling space to advertisers or inventing a new feature, eventually something is going to have to change so they remain one of the most used forms of social media.


  3. I agree, it doesn’t seem very likely for these ads to work. Marketers probably won’t even get past the first step of capturing a consumers attention, much less getting the consumer to buy anything.


  4. I definitely agree that this is a good idea in theory but I can not get past the question, “will people acutally follow brands on Snapchat?” If brands could somehow make a rewards program for following Snapchat then I could really see this idea taking off. Until something like that happens, I do not see people following anyone but their friends on Snapchat.


  5. I agree with you, Tanner. As important as it is for companies and brands to utilize and stay up-to-date with social media, snapchat is not an effective platform to reach their audience. I have no desire to follow brands on snapchat, as it is a social media meant to be used amongst friends.


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