Parks and Recreation Post-Olympic Premier

Yesterday the popular NBC comedy Parks and Recreation returned after an all-too-long hiatus for the Sochi Olympics.  Now halfway through its sixth season, the series shows few signs of slowing. With a confirmed seventh season (Bricker 2014), and a guest appearance from Michelle Obama in the current season’s one-hour finale set to air April 28th (Ng 2014). 

For fans like me TV shows like Parks and Recreation give me hope that TV isn’t all becoming the garbage I subjectively call reality TV. I have a personal soft-spot for TV that has gone through the full creative process. Maybe this is just because I’ve dreamed of being in a writing room of a comedy where a bunch people who get paid to be funny all sit in the same room and brainstorm story ideas. It’s all too apparent that TV writers aren’t treated with the respect they deserve. I first saw that this was true in 2008 when many TV writers went on strike in 2008.  I remember The Office couldn’t be shown for a couple of weeks because there wasn’t anyone writing new episodes. It’s obvious how important writers are to the TV-making process but this strike made it known to the viewers and the general public.

Another change in the industry is seeing is the switch into the digital streaming era. The online movie and TV watching service Netflix has been so successful that they’ve created their own TV shows that are only available on their site. Their shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are two of the most talked about TV series. I think this is not only because they are quality shows, but also because Netflix releases an entire series at once meaning the viewer can watch episode after episode, allowing the viewer to become “obsessed” and more likely to tell a friend or post about it on social media.

Here’s hoping that Parks and Recreation will have continued success in its current season as well as in its seventh, and likely final, season. I like to think that because this show has had long-term success that will encourage TV executives to produce shows of the same genre.


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5 thoughts on “Parks and Recreation Post-Olympic Premier

  1. I personally am a big Parks and Rec fan, mostly because I think the writing and acting is leagues above a lot of the other “comedy” shows that are out there. I agree with you in thinking that these kind of shows are much better quality than the reality shows that are generally devoured by mainstream audiences. I think television is going in a more genuine, independent direction with shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black where they address interesting and controversial topics while still keeping their creative integrity in tact.


  2. I love Parks and Rec and am very excited for the 7th season, hopefully it is as entertaining as all of the previous seasons. I agree that TV along with the rest of technology is changing all the time and although Netflix and online streaming sites have caused many show addictions, all in all the change is for the better.


  3. I’m so glad someone wrote about this! We’re a generation that consumes massive amounts of shows and media. It’s really important to remember how integral writers are to the stories that we love. Also, I’m SO excited to see Michelle Obama on Parks and Rec.


  4. Parks and Rec is an outstanding show. I could not be more excited that it got renewed for another season and for Michelle Obama to guest star as well. The writing is so always so sharp and clever. It’s definitely one of the best comedy shows on television.


  5. I thoroughly enjoy Parks and Rec, and I’m thrilled with the success they’ve been having. It has filled the hole in my heart that the office left when it finally retired after nine seasons. However, I think P&R has a few more to go- they’re at the peak of success and NBC likes their comedies to ride on to the end. My prediction is 8 seasons and a spin off– probably featuring Aziz.


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